Are you looking for a show where you can voice your ideas, ask any questions you may have about current events, and also have your favorite celebrities participate? The show for you is “Backstage.” It is a Dominion TV YouTube production that prioritizes the needs of its audience. A new episode of the series airs every week and is in four segments.

Segment 1 – Going Deeper

This segment takes a contentious topic on our socials and turns it into a conversation starter by connecting it to the Christian lifestyle and everything that goes with it.

Segment 2 – You Asked

During this segment, the show’s hosts will respond to any questions from the audience that are related to the month’s chosen theme, leaving no one behind.

Segment 3 – Your Voice

This is an entertaining segment since it features young people from churches, high schools, and universities, among other locations, and hears their opinions on specific issues connected to the theme of the month.

Segment 4 – Dominion TV Fun Edition

This segment is lighthearted and intended to amuse you, the audience, just like the “Your Voice” segment. It features celebrities who will first be put through a round of games.

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Use the link below to watch the first episode of Backstage.