Relationships are essential in our human lives and what’s probably the most delicate one is in the institution of marriage.

Spouses have an intriguing relationship, their interdependence more often than not, is like no other. Depending on the bond one has between himself and his spouse, certain situations may or may not affect them. In this blog post, we would discuss the possible effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on marriages. How has your marriage faired so far in 2020?


Despite the negativity surrounding COVID-19, many professionals seemed grateful that the lockdown period gave them the opportunity to be with their spouses and children. Quality time cannot be undermined in any healthy relationship.

Marriages need time and attention to create a strong bond and people were able to use the lockdown as a period to strengthen the bond they have with their significant others.

Do you think the lockdown period helped you in sustaining your relationship with your loved one? Were you able to spend time pursuing your hobbies together?


One of the most important issues in dealing with marriage is the issue of money. How much is earned, how much can be spent? Money can make or break relationships. Many organizations had to lay off their workers because of the crises COVID-19 effected. It is a great problem for every household to have it’s highest income earners lose their jobs or have their salaries reduced drastically.

Marriages can be negatively affected in these cases. Pay cuts would definitely mean that you and your spouse need to adjust your expenses to survive. The truth is these adjustments may not come easy and would take some time to get used to.

What was your experience like? If you had a pay cut or were laid off during the lockdown, what were the effects it had on you and your spouse? How supportive was your spouse, did you come back from the situation a stronger couple?


COVID-19 has been known to spread wildly through physical contact. Soaps and hand sanitizers have been in high demand since the pandemic became known to humanity. It is quite interesting to think about what implications a contagious disease would have on a married couple’s physical intimacy.

There have been countless stories of men refusing to ‘touch’ their wives for fear of contracting the disease and vice-versa. As to whether there’s veracity to these stories or not, it still reveals a possibility that fear of COVID-19 can breed mistrust amongst couples. Neither party can tell how exposed the other has been to the virus on their daily routines and there may be some hesitation to indulge in acts of physical intimacy.

How was your marriage affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Do any of the issues raised reflect what you may have gone through with your spouse? Let’s have interesting conversations in the comments section.