“Knowing your purpose gives meaning to your life.” – Rick Warren

In a perfect world, when we are born, we are given a guide to discovering our purpose. In truth, while some individuals spend their entire lives searching for meaning and purpose, others have discovered the key to discovering purpose in their lives as Christians. Realizing our purpose requires effort and commitment.

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Some of us are fortunate enough to be born into families who can provide us with all the resources and opportunities. Our parents encourage us to try new things, and when we discover a talent for something, they seek out the best coaches to help us advance. However, many of us did not have access to those chances. Growing up was about surviving, not about following our dreams.

The fact that everyone’s purpose is unique presents another difficulty in discovering ours. What purpose and meaning, therefore, can we as Christians, coming from various backgrounds, find in our lives?

How to live a Christian life with meaning and purpose

The purpose of life, according to Jesus, is to love and be loved while serving other people. The ultimate purpose of Christianity is service. The Bible exhorts us to live by principles that are based on Christ alone, such as love, hope, and faith, and we must reciprocate God’s love by helping one other through our struggles.

Serving others and having love for them at its core are the foundations of a fulfilling life. We can love others if we accept the love that has been offered to us. Jesus was the ideal example of genuine service by His teaching, His behavior toward children and the poor, and of course, by giving His life as a ransom. Living as Jesus did is consequently our actual purpose in life.

Man’s quest for meaning and purpose will never end, however as we imitate Jesus and work to improve the lives of others, our relationship with God will grow. For everyone’s sake as well as our own, we must discover who we are and what we are here to do. Serving others helps us build stronger ties with one another and as a community. For it is in this that our existence finds its purpose and meaning.

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