If life is a journey, then it isn’t a smooth ride. It has never been a straight road. There are many twists turn and bumps and a lot of times, we collide with others on the road. We wish it were simple but it isn’t. Life is complicated. As humans, hurt, pain and disappointment cut us deeply to the point that we bleed. It proves that we’re sensitive and vulnerable 

Heartbreak comes in many forms but the effect of heartbreak depends on your level of expectation. Having a high expectation for an event to occur would result in severe heartbreak if the occurrence of the event is deferred. One of the most common sources of heartbreaks is romantic relationships. It is uncountable the number of movies and songs based on this phenomenon. We tend to fall out with the people who have held special places in our hearts and this leads to a lot of hurt, pain, and a state of confusion. The closest people to us are the ones with the greatest power to cause us the most pain through heartbreaks.  

Another prominent source of heartbreak is a deferred dream, hope, or expectation. Sometimes we dream of getting that job, school, or contract we applied for but at the end of the day, we realize that what we hoped for wouldn’t come to fruition. The pain could be unbearable at times but rest assured, there is an antidote. 


John 14: 16. And I will pray for the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever. 

God knew that we are susceptible to heartbreak which brings pain and sorrow. For that reason, He gave us the Holy Spirit who is meant to be our comforter in times of pain. The Holy Spirit mends our hearts by reminding us of God’s promises in His Word and the hope that we have because we are His followers. He reminds us that regardless of the situation, God has great plans for us and that we would come out great in the end. 


Psalms 34:18The LORD is near when their hearts break.  He saves those whose spirits are very sad.  

Sometimes we wonder where we can find God or whether He is close to us or not. You can be sure of where God is when someone is sad or heartbroken. Sounds counterintuitive right? We’ve been wired to think that God is only around those who have unexplainable joy but that is not the whole truth. Whenever you are sad God is there. Think about the possible reasons why an all-powerful God would draw closer to a heartbroken, depressed person. The reason is that He can heal your depression. He comes close to you in such moments because He waits for you to ask Him for help. Anytime you have the feeling of sadness and depression, remember to ask God to take you out of it because He is near! 


In as much as God is the only one who can completely heal your heartache, you should have it in mind that he sometimes does it through people and established institutions. In your depressed state, pray to God for help but also talk to people in the position to help you. There are many trustworthy people in the church who are authorized to give you godly counsel to help you through your pain. 

When in pain, do not deal with it alone. Always remember that God loves you. 

If you have ever experienced God’s healing power, share a testimony, with us in the comments below. Stay Blessed.