Giving up is not an option in the battles and storms we are faced with. We need to be steadfast and stand on God’s words and promises because He would not disappoint us. The bible says God is not a man that He should lie. If you’ve been expecting anything extraordinary from God because He promised it to you, stay prayerful and expectant.

Here is how you can stay patient and wait on God’s promises in order to have a victorious end to the year.

There is no way God will live you hanging in difficult situations and circumstances without giving you a solution. Sometimes your help would come from the most unexpected of places. God can bring people your way who can influence your destiny in a positive light. Just as God sent Esther to deliver the Jews, He will send you someone to execute His divine will in your life.

Anxiety and worry are weapons the devil uses against us. As Christians, we are required to have faith in order to receive from God. Oftentimes our faith fades. Faith cannot exist where there are fear and doubt. No matter how bleak the future may look because of our current circumstances, we need to wipe our tears and look unto God because He is our only help. The good news is that He never disappoints.

Quite frequently some of us feel as though we are unworthy to receive anything from a Holy God because of the sins of our past. The truth is, God has cleansed us of all the past sins and curses. The chains are broken and we have been set free. When the devil tries to accuse us of our past and use that as a case against us, we need to confess with our lips that we are no longer slaves to those sins and curses.

When we constantly confess with our lips that we’re loved by God and have the righteousness of His son Jesus, our minds are renewed and we can receive the blessings God has already sent our way. Do not let the devil deceive you. You are worth it! You are cleansed by the blood of Christ and all curses are broken! The Holy Spirit has set you free!

2020 has been known for the pandemic. Many institutions have had their activities slow down because COVID-19 and the entire world yearns for restoration to normal life. The devil’s plan is that the COVID-19 pandemic would scar our lives forever but God has delivered a message to us. God wants us to know that there is restoration coming. All the good things we enjoyed before the pandemic would be restored!

Who is your faith in? Who do you believe in? If the answer to these questions was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, then you’re in good hands. The God we serve not only pre-existed everything but He made everything. This means that everything in the world is subject to Him, including whatever problems you’re dealing with in life. God wants us to pray to Him from a position of knowledge and power where we know of our rights in Him. The God that lives in us is greater than whatever is in this world so when we pray and make decrees, we make them by divine authority! It is time to decree that we have divine supplies.

The apparent advantage of the current pandemic is the fact that it has given a lot of people a lot of rest. This has been a “fallow” period for some people. Most workers with tight schedules have had a much lighter schedule and have had more time to themselves. This period of rest should give you the opportunity to strategize and plan for the future. This is a time where we can brainstorm and birth new ideas for our personal growth and the growth of our church.

Something new is coming, your creative juices shall flow by the power of the Holy Ghost. God is going to give you ideas that will change the destiny of your generation! Stay tuned,  God’s not done with you.

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