Someone once told me that a team is as good as its weakest member/player. Meaning that no matter how good your best players are, your team can be vulnerable because of the inexperience of one player. There is some truth to that statement but on the flip side, when a team has enough strong members and a great level of cohesion between the members; every player’s strength would make up for the shortcoming of the other. Therefore whoever you have on your team is as important as your skillset. Everyone would want to have teammates that’ll make winning easier and not more difficult. So before you set out to play the game of life, pick God as your teammate. He can help us win in every aspect of life. Today we will explore just a few aspects of life where partnering with God, guarantees as a win.


People start business partnerships because it is an easy way to increase your pool of assets and your capital. Great partnerships have the potential to increase the rate of production and profits. How can we partner with God in our finances? The best way is to use his principles concerning the usage of money and resources. The Bible has principles regarding what kind of character traits lead to poverty and what attitudes lead to wealth. For instance, the Bible supports the ideology of diversification in investments. Investing in more than one venture is the hallmark of financial literacy. It has the propensity to increase your profits while reducing risks.

Ecclesiastes 11:2 Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

Partnering with God in your financial journey would have him advise you on secrets and principles to progress in your business and the management of your personal wallet.


Having spoken to so many people I realized that one of the greatest fears we have regarding romantic relationships is marrying the wrong person. Imagine:

  • becoming disillusioned just months after your wedding, realizing that your spouse wasn’t the perfect match for you.
  • struggling to be happy in a relationship with someone you’re convinced you to love dearly.
  • not being able to tolerate each other’s differences and finding it hard to forgive each other for your shortcomings

Many are the problems of relationships but partnering with God in your relationship would birth that unconditional love we crave. In letting God guide us, He would give us the wisdom to navigate through convoluted relationships. He would guide you in finding the right person and loving each other the way you should. Having God as your partner in relationships doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be challenges. The truth is, there are always challenges in relationships but with God, you will find the best solutions to them.


Sometimes choosing a career path can be extremely difficult. Especially when you’re not really sure of what your interests are. There are many people with this problem. Sometimes you feel as though the talents you have and what you are interested in pursuing as a career are not reconcilable. Other times you may feel like your desired career path is not the best option to take if your goal is to be financially secure. There are numerous hurdles associated with finding your purpose on earth but in order to know the perfect purpose of anything, you need to ask its inventor. When God is our partner, He would direct our steps to perfection.

As pointed out early on, partnering with God is simply the best way to be the best version of yourself. The fact that He created you implies that He knows what your strengths and weaknesses are. Therefore as your partner, He would complement your strengths and cover up your weaknesses. When this happens you would succeed in your endeavors.