Clean slates are attractive to us because of the prospect of starting on the right path. What is even more enticing about having a blank slate is the fact that your past errors have been erased. So many of us view a new year just like we view a clean slate. It’s all about setting up standards, goals, and resolutions we desire to fulfill.

2020 like all other years started with a lot of promise for most of us. It was not only the start of a new year but of a new decade. Everyone had high expectations. We wanted to grow our businesses, relationships, and other essential aspects of our lives.

But something unexpected interrupted the excitement we all had for this new decade.


Early this year, businesses had to close, churches had to stop operating and families had to stay indoors. We were all affected one way or the other.


Quite a number of people have admitted that even though the pandemic had dire effects on the world, the lockdown period had some positive effects on their families. There was a testimony of a man who hadn’t been able to spend quality time with his family since he started a new job 5 years ago. Though he wasn’t happy about the impacts of COVID-19 on his job, he felt that the lockdown gave him a great opportunity to be an integral part of his children’s lives.

During the lockdown, there are many people who have seized the opportunity to study short courses online, start businesses tailored towards meeting the prevailing needs of people in this period, learn how to play an instrument, etc. Though we hope and pray that COVID-19 would soon be eradicated, we need to be creative and find ways to survive and grow even in these times. As you’re reading this, you may be thinking that you’re not up to the task but you need to believe that you have it inside of you to overcome the big challenge 2020 came with.


If you haven’t achieved anything this year, at least find solace in the fact that God has kept you alive for the first half of 2020. That means that the best is yet to come. And you have six more months to make it right. Prove your doubters and critics wrong and make 2020 a memorable year for yourself because you owe it to yourself!


People who might feel ‘bullied’ by 2020 and COVID-19 need a spark of hope. That little spark of hope can be your story. Tell us how you have been able to make the most of this year in spite of this pandemic. Add to your impressive run this year by being a motivation to someone else. Please do share it with us in the comment section below. God bless you!