“I am a woman with a mission. I have learned to believe in myself, my vision and to do things the way I want them done.” – Irene Cara (American singer and actress)


Women can be determined, disciplined, and diligent, yet without a clear vision, they will be limited in their potential to significantly impact our lives. Even though most of us may find it difficult to detect a woman with a vision, it is usually rather simple to do so because women are frequently easy to understand. While we discuss how to recognize a lady with a vision, it could be interesting for us to understand what a person with a vision is.

A visionary has a goal in mind. A person with direction has goals for her life that are written down, even if she might not achieve all of them on time and might encounter some setbacks along the way. A woman with a vision will not care how many obstacles she faces along the way. She likes to get better every day.

Women who have vision are still developing. This means that if we find a lady who is continually working and preparing for the future while not being unduly preoccupied with the comfort of the present, we may be confident that we have found one with a promising future.

The following three ideas might enable us to identify a visionary lady when we encounter one.

Photo source: Antoni Shkraba

  • Humble

“Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.” – Romans 12:16 NIV

Regardless of the roles we play in our various communities, the Bible commands us to live in harmony with one another in Romans 12:16. Regardless of how far a woman has come in life, when she has a vision, she is modest. She is conscious of her desires and, for once, will not let pride stand in the way of achieving them because, as the adage goes, “pride goes before a fall.”

  • Precise

Nothing can stop a woman from being direct when she is convinced of what she wants, which shows how straightforward a woman can be. Once we can tell that a lady is clear about what she wants, whatever it may be, we may say that she has a vision along with other admirable qualities.

  • Barely quits

A lady who is clear on her goals will not give up. She will not let one slip-up, however infrequent, destroy or define her. Instead, she recovers better and stronger because a woman with a vision understands that failure is an essential step in the process.

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