“A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell (Actor and writer)


Though they are an essential aspect of our life, friends are individuals who we must all carefully select before making any friendship commitments. This means that, rather than the other way around, we should choose our friends. Additionally, we must understand what a friend is before we can make these personal decisions.

A friend is someone in whom we may have entire confidence. A friend is someone we respect and who respects us, not because they are deserving but because they share our opinions.

All of us have come across various folks at some point or another. Depending on who you ask, we were good to some folks and bad to others. This occurs frequently, depending on how the other party treats us. Below are the three types of friends we encounter every day, and how we should know our way around all of them.

Photo source: Aline Viana Prado

  • The confidants

These are often extremely rare. No matter how we are feeling, they are into us and have an unwavering affection for us. If we make a mistake, they still believe in us and will correct us right away. They are there for the long run, both with and for us. They are the kind of folks that will always and everywhere come to our aid and are the kind of people we can be open with and speak freely with knowing they will not use the information against us or talk to other people about it. They will always find a way to get us out of trouble.


  • The constituents

These folks may seem like confidants, therefore we need to proceed with extreme caution. This means that although there is a thin line between constituents and confidants, it is the difference that could make or break us. These are the people that support our values even though they do not like us. For this kind of people, as long as we support what they stand for, they will toil with us, walk with us, and work diligently with us for the longest time, giving us the impression that they are on our side. These people support what we stand for, but they are never for us in the first place, so if they find someone who would further their goals, they will leave us for them.


  • The comrades

They are only against what we are against; they are not for us or what we stand for. To combat a more formidable foe, they will always join forces with us. They will stay with us until the victory is won, and they act as scaffolding that enters our lives to serve a function before being withdrawn after that mission has been fulfilled. However, let us not make these kinds of friends stay when it is time for them to leave. We ought to permit those who wish to depart from our life to do so.

We learn through confidants, so we need to be on the lookout for people like this because they are actual friends. Since they are so uncommon, we must preserve them when we find them. We should, therefore, anticipate that comrades and constituents would eventually turn against us because they never supported us but rather used us as a means to an end. Our dreams are valuable and ought to be expressed to the appropriate individuals.

It is safe, therefore, to say that constituents are friends for a season, comrades are friends for a reason, and confidants are friends for a lifetime.

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