Let’s study some of the most inspiring mothers in the bible.

Motherhood is often times limited to the biological phenomenon of gestation and childbirth. The features of a mother however does not depend on biology. It has everything to do with nurturing a child to a point of growth.


As established, mothers are leaders; the kind that selflessly look out for the safety of their people.

Esther’s story serves as a model for all women in some form of spiritual, corporate or political leadership. Esther, a Jew, was made queen in the land of Persia. What made Esther special was her desire and ability to use her position to save her people. One characteristic of a mother is the ability to negotiate and preserve.

Esther was able to influence King Ahasuerus to retract the edict to have all Jews in Persia killed. One lesson that can be picked from Esther’s story is, that mothers have the ability to ensure that their people are always protected.


Naomi had a tragic life in the land of Moab. She had lost her husband Elimelech and her two sons in Moab. In the book of Ruth, Naomi exhibits motherly characteristics as she guides Ruth, her widowed daughter in law. In Africa, the stereotype prevails that mothers and daughters in law usually do not have a good relationship.

The story of Naomi displays the opposite. Ruth’s willingness to follow her mother in law to a foreign land is a testament of the fact that Naomi was a mother whose benevolence was independent of biological ties. She taught Ruth how to navigate through life in the land of Judah. That will obviously include the area of faith.

Ruth adopted Naomi’s faith (Ruth 1:16) and Naomi was most likely her spiritual parent. Naomi also played a pivotal role in strengthening the relationship of Ruth and Boaz which ultimately led to marriage. Naomi was a mother at heart and she mentored Ruth as though she was her biological daughter.


Hannah was barren and prayed for years to have her womb opened. She made a vow to God that if her request was granted, the child would serve in the temple all his life. The noblest character a mother can have is to ensure that her offspring lives a life dedicated to God.

Mothers are to ensure that their children are not only fed physically but spiritually so that their souls may grow. Hannah serves as the epitome of a women who completely put her trust on the lord. She believed that her child would be in good hands once he was dedicated to work in the sanctuary. Her faith was rewarded as her son Samuel became one of the most influential prophets in the history of Israel.

To conclude, the bible shows us that no woman is less of a mother because of her inability to bear children. Kindness, selflessness, longsuffering and other traits of love as outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 are the most essential qualities of motherhood. It is what all women ought to strive to attain.