Life requires overcoming challenges and obstacles of many types. Battling our struggles and fears determines who we are. – David Weatherford (Child psychologist)


Image of Temitope in a conversation with a staff of Dominion TV in Circle, Accra.


To love and be loved in return is one of everyone’s deepest dreams. Some people will go to great lengths, risking their safety, to visit their loved ones, even if it means traveling great distances.

Temitope Olabisi Karounwi is one of those people. She is a Nigerian woman in her 30s and a vendor on the streets of Circle, Accra. In October 2019, she left Lagos, Nigeria for Ghana after meeting a man online whom she believed to be a gift from God. Even though her story is very brief, it is nonetheless a poignant one. Their romantic journey appeared to be going well until the man in question revealed to Temitope on March 3, 2020, that his parents had counseled against their future intentions to wed. Temitope described how she attempted to hold on to him out of love for him, but all of her efforts were unsuccessful.


Temitope’s struggles in the streets of Accra

After experiencing disappointment, Temitope started her job hunt until she was hired at an eatery, where she was paid Ghc10 per day. She spoke of how difficult the struggle was yet had to make do with what she had at the time owing to the fact that she lacked the money to go back to Nigeria.

“It was not easy for me at all, but I wanted to achieve something with my life so I still saved out of the little I was making”. 

She finally succeeded in purchasing a refrigerator to sell on the streets of Circle, a city in Accra-Ghana, after some time. Even though she is now seeing a man she calls her dream partner, she sells sachet water and other beverages on the streets of Accra. According to Temitope, some days are good and some days are not at all good. She continues by saying that even though she is expecting a child and her current income is not sufficient to support herself and the child, she will continue to take each day as it comes until she achieves success.

She holds that even if she has made mistakes in her life, God never criticizes her and that His plans are always ideal, therefore she hopes for the day when all of her difficulties will be over. This is the story of a woman who followed her heart, experienced disappointment, and is making a valiant effort to support herself despite her difficulties.


She counsels everyone who is having trouble creating a fulfilling life for themselves through what they do to persevere since their breakthrough is closer than they think.

Do you, as a man or woman, strive to live a meaningful life in spite of whatever challenges you may encounter? While putting a lot of effort into realizing your dreams, never lose hope. Share this with family and friends, and do not forget to visit our website for more content on inspired and empowered living. Dominion TV; Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network for Inspired and Empowered Living.