We have a few weeks left to say goodbye to 2020. It is not surprising that many people can’t wait to have a fresh start in 2021. We all expected more from the year that ushered us into a new decade. Unfortunately, it was the total opposite of what we imagined.

No matter how 2020 begun, we have the rest of it to make it a good year. It all depends on our actions.


What resolutions did you make at the beginning of 2020? Maybe you weren’t able to keep most of them? Do not worry. Why not revisit your goals and try to pursue them as though it was a fresh new year? You do not need to wait for 2021 to start. Pursuing your goals now puts you in a great position to maintain. The more you partake in an activity, the more it becomes a habit.


What if you decided to let go of what 2020 took from you? To make the most out of the few weeks we have in 2020, we need to learn our lessons from the losses and look to God to heal us from the disappointment. One way to heal from the past is to change our mindset from mourning over what cannot be changed to hoping for and working towards are better future.


To have a good end to the year, we must include God in the equation. No matter what plans, we cannot forget to involve God in our decisions.

One way to do it effectively is to be part of this year’s IMPACT 2020 CONVENTION

IMPACT is the yearly convention held at Action Chapel International with Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams in collaboration with several great preachers and teachers of the word. This year’s theme is “Reversing The Curse”.

Be part of IMPACT 2020 in order to set the tone for the rest of 2020 and all of 2021! Hope to see you there!