“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” – John Diamond (English Journalist)

Anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis may go through painful emotions. The news that someone has cancer may come as a shock, whether it is a friend, a loved one, or a family member. Being overburdened, depressed, furious, and bewildered are all common emotions. Simply hearing the word might paralyze one’s emotions as it is so unsettling.

Any of a broad number of illnesses known as cancer are ones in which abnormal cells form, multiply uncontrollably, have the capacity to invade healthy body tissue, and ultimately cause its destruction. It may spread to other parts of the body.

Although not every suggestion of support may be suitable for your loved one, try to follow your intuition and do what seems right to you when it comes to how to help loved ones who are dealing with cancer. Below are some recommendations.

  • Be prepared for a range of reactions and emotions

A cancer diagnosis does not necessarily spell death. Cancer therapy can be difficult, painful, and stretched out depending on the diagnosis and outlook, however, recovery is still possible. The most terrifying aspect of having cancer may be a person’s fear of the unknown.  It can be easier to be understanding and supportive when you are aware that intense emotional reactions are normal. Expected reactions could include, but are not limited to, uncertainty, loneliness, grief, fear, and rage. It is required of you to provide your assistance in these circumstances, no matter how challenging they may be.

  • Set aside any relationship misunderstanding

Misunderstandings in relationships can be difficult. Stress can bring up issues from the past and present. If these issues are not resolved, they may aggravate an already challenging circumstance. Misunderstandings of every kind can be set aside as a result. A peaceful, sympathetic, and supportive environment will support your loved one and help to keep everyone emotionally balanced.

  • Be optimistic, encouraging, and practical

Nobody appreciates a demeanor that downplays the gravity of any circumstance. Considering fighting cancer requires a tremendous amount of energy, having a positive outlook is crucial. It is very exhausting to be scared, confused, and afraid of dying, therefore, y our exuberance and encouraging words might be a crucial antidote in helping your loved one battle and heal. Every time you visit your loved one, think about putting on a projected positive and healing armor.

Photo source: Darina Belonogova

  • Visit only with approval, and understand when to leave

Cancer sufferers who are undergoing treatment are frequently worn out. They often do not appear their best, which may cause them to feel uncomfortable or degraded. Calling and finding out the best time to visit is advised. Keep in mind that people with cancer can get tired easily, so it may be advisable to make a few brief visits.

  • Be sure to be a source of a good laugh

Laughter has a healing effect and can lessen stress and tension related to illness. As a result, make sure to ask for recommendations for inspiring and humorous movies or television shows to watch with your loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer. Even if it lasts only a little while, laughter has the power to generate happy memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Talk about challenging topics

Depending on the circumstances, such conversations could involve making end-of-life plans while still doing your best to offer optimism. Cancer patients may need support and occasional advice when making treatment decisions, however, when you are asked, do not be hesitant to participate, but do so with discretion.

A person with cancer can greatly benefit from your love, support, and care during their journey.  Above everything, expressing concern for a loved one during a trying time can deepen your bond with them. 

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