The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. – Romans 8:6 NIV

To feel passion or sexual desire is quite normal. Your emotions can be centered on a certain individual, or you might find yourself pulled to things like masturbating or watching porn. These desires, however, might occasionally be excessive or unwelcome. There are things you may do to handle those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings if you just can’t seem to get rid of them. Your doctor or a counselor can assist if you’re having trouble handling it on your own.

Lust is a psychological phenomenon that causes an overwhelming desire for something or a situation even though the desirer already has a sizable amount of the object in question. While comparable to passion, lust differs from passion in that the former inspires people to pursue charitable objectives while the latter does not.

Here are some pointers for overcoming lust.

  • Establish limits for yourself.

You can better control your desires by avoiding temptations. For instance, acquire an application or internet extension to block enticing websites if you’re prone to viewing porn every time you’re on your computer. Alternatively, if you are having trouble controlling your sexual urges toward a certain individual, try to spend as little time as possible with them. It may be more difficult to resist sexual cravings if your behavior is more widely known.

  1. Consider using your computer in a public area rather than by yourself in your room, such as a park bench or coffee shop.

       2. Bring a friend with you if you’re going to a bar or the beach so they can keep you busy and diverted from people-spotting.

      3. Avoid looking at their social media or attempting to attract their attention if you have feelings for a particular person.


  • Discover your triggers.

It is simpler to regulate your urges if you are aware of them. Consider what’s happening the next time you feel lustful. Do you, for instance, have more erotic thoughts while you are bored or under stress? What happens when you are around particular individuals or in particular settings (like at the beach or a bar)? Make a list of the things that you notice seem to bring up those undesirable thoughts and sensations, and jot down some suggestions for how to handle those triggers.

      1. For example, if you notice that your lustful thoughts occur more frequently when you are bored, find activities to keep your mind occupied. When doing monotonous chores like folding clothes, try listening to music or a fascinating podcast.

      2. You might become aware that you’ve been using sexual ideas or actions as a stress reliever. Make it a goal to develop better habits and new coping mechanisms.


  • Find productive methods to pass the time.

Distract yourself and let off some steam with enjoyable hobbies and pastimes. The next time you find yourself thinking about something sexual, go for a run or contact a friend and chat. Another option is to engage in creative activities like painting, music, or cooking. This will assist in diverting your attention from your undesired cravings.

      1. Instead of focusing on the person you’re lusting over, concentrate on activities that make you feel good about yourself.

Keep in mind that lust is a sin and that it breeds other sins; as a result, be deliberate in your efforts to restrain it.


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