Love is hard to define, but one thing is for sure: it transcends words. It is not just an abstract and abstruse concept.

Love is meant to be tangible and practical. Love acts.

The Bible provides much clarity on the concept of love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Love isn’t just a feeling but it requires expression in order to be witnessed and be beneficial to others.

So how can you share love every day?

  • Through Patience

‘Love is never tired of waiting’. Waiting for anything can be tough.

A typical example of how love can be revealed through patience is when we expect a friend, sibling, or co-worker to stop exhibiting some character traits that we find annoying.

Expecting someone to put a halt to certain habits and finding them constantly repeating them can be extremely irritating.

Love is patient in the sense that it understands that change doesn’t happen overnight and to see people change for the better, we must give them time and show compassion, no matter what.

  • Be Slow To Anger

Having patience and being slow to anger are closely related. Being slow to anger does require patience.

To exhibit a loving trait in the face of offense, you need to consciously prevent yourself from succumbing to anger.

Staying calm in situations where you have the right to be furious exemplifies a show of love.

  • Be Fair in all your decisions

Sometimes, we get so self-centered and only chase after those things that would be self-gratifying.

It isn’t much wrong with seeking to achieve your own goals but we have to be mindful of others too.

In the pursuit of our goals, we need to ensure that we are not deliberately sabotaging others from pursuing theirs. There is enough room for all of us at the top. We need not employ cheating and manipulation in our relationships with others but in all things, we need to ensure fairness and equity.

  • Take no account of evil

It is very easy to be caught in the trap of holding grudges and keeping accounts of wrongs done to you.

However, God requires us not only to forgive but also to forget the wrongs of others.

Memory is a powerful thing. It can store up a lot of information that could trigger negative emotions upon remembrance.

However, we need to consciously reject our propensity to store up the misdeeds of others in our hearts. Doing this would prevent us from being vengeful and bitter.

There are many more ways to love everyday and these are just a few of them. God is Love and without Him, we cannot love in the most authentic way possible. Remember to show mercy and compassion every time wherever you are. God bless you!