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Effective Communication Among Team Members

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – James Humes (Author and former presidential speechwriter)


Working environments require effective team communication. It directly affects the efficiency of each employee, the cohesiveness of the team, and the general performance of the business. Work gets repeated, errors happen, employee onboarding drags on, and team productivity declines when information is not shared and team members are not on the same page. Improving team communication is a goal that is taking on more significance as more teams move to remote work. 

Effective teamwork occurs when individuals spend as little time as feasible actively communicating and as much time as possible working on important tasks.

Signs Of Ineffective Team Communication

  • Repetitive queries

When information is passed down orally without being adequately documented, the same questions are asked repeatedly. Every repetitive query causes a production halt, and they quickly accumulate.

  • Regular team meetings

The vast majority of meetings are a waste of time, even though they may be justified in some circumstances. Such gatherings are only necessary because knowledge barriers prohibit information from naturally being exchanged.

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Tips For Boosting Team Communication

  • Establish a knowledge foundation

One of the first stages to attaining effective team communication is developing a culture of knowledge sharing and a knowledge management strategy. This does not include holding additional meetings so that your staff can exchange information. It entails ensuring that all knowledge is recorded in a single, central, well-organized, and searchable location—a company intranet or internal knowledge base. It is the simplest way to assist your staff in structured knowledge sharing while avoiding repetitive queries and interruptions.

  • Remotely communicate

Sending a message without anticipating a prompt response is known as remote communication. Email and several other tools for document collaboration are typical instances of remote communication methods. Comparing it to meetings and instant messaging, it could appear like a slower method of communication, but since the quality is usually higher, it ends up taking less time overall.

  • As a final resort, hold meetings 

Meetings are not always a waste of time, and they could even be the most expedient way to resolve a resolution in some circumstances. Nevertheless, if you do hold a meeting, do not skip the preparation and be considerate of your team’s time. Make sure to have an agenda for the meeting and do not forget to take minutes.

  • Maintain a small team

Although a larger team may accomplish more, in actuality, the more members you add, the more difficult it is to keep everyone on the same page and maintain team cohesion. Working in a big group makes it impossible to maintain efficient team communication.

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Closing Africa’s Infrastructure financing gap – Rosa Whitaker at the 2022 AAM in Cairo 

Rosa Whitaker, Vice-Chair and President of Dominion Television, gave a passionate contribution to closing Africa’s infrastructure gap as a key panelist at the 29th Afreximbank Annual General Meetings (AAGM2022) in Cairo, Egypt, in the presence of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi, a transformative leader of our time.

Whitaker detailed the actions required to accomplish this goal and shared her vision of a unified Africa inclusive of all members of the diaspora. “It is time for us to come together as one Africa, putting aside our differences and working towards a common goal.” She emphasized that if there is unity within the Diaspora and the Africans on the continent, our community would be a potent force by merging elements, resources, and strengths- both economic and cultural, that bring us together. “In the United States, when I look at the African American community, we have 1.6 trillion dollars in consumer spending in income”, she stated.


Bridging The Financial Gap By Leveraging The Private Sector And Tax Incentives

Rosa Whitaker shared that to bridge the gap, Africa should leverage their relationship with the United States by tapping its greatest strength, which is its bond market. She adds that “President Biden has proposed a similar initiative for infrastructure for Africa and the G7 group,” that the echo chamber must be traded around since it is a method for America and Western nations to advance without necessarily increasing their budget deficits.

One solution proposed by Whitaker is providing tax incentives to encourage the private sector to invest in businesses in Africa. Rosa Whitaker gave an illustration by noting that if an American business invests in infrastructure in Africa, it will be able to bring its earnings back to the US tax-free and receive some tax breaks.

Rosa Whitaker appreciates the African Export-Import Bank for hosting an outstanding Afreximbank Annual General Meeting (AAGM2022), complementing the occasion as an excellent forum for the exchange of innovative ideas and showcasing remarkable work that is already in progress.

The 29th Afreximbank Annual General Meetings (AAGM2022) was held in Cairo, Egypt from June 14-18, 2022.


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