“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – John 1:1 NIV


There is a lesson in this for everyone if we look past the religious elements. Every sentence starts with a word. The very reality that surrounds us is created by words, however, thoughts cannot become reality without words. We have been taught this throughout history, even as far back as the Bible. As an illustration, when God commanded, “Let there be light,” there was light. They must be our most potent instruments yet if our words and thoughts are the actual means by which we shape reality.

Thoughts have an impact on what we manifest in our life as well, however, some contend that words have more power than thoughts. We can boldly affirm our innermost thoughts with the language we use. They serve as confirmation for the way we perceive the world, other people, and ourselves. Our words act as a strong affirmation, and it is this affirmation that allows our thoughts to become a reality.

Below are two ways we can use words for our best interest.


Two Approaches To Word Use

Photo source: Prateek Katyal


  • Picking words carefully

We have conditioned ourselves as a culture to talk about our troubles and misfortunes. We create things by communicating to the world our interpretations of things, other people, and ourselves. By that admission, we are putting those negative thoughts out there for them to become a reality when we lament or complain about our lives to others. When we speak aloud, most of the time, our words become true not only in our minds but also in the minds of those we are speaking to.

Let us start being more mindful of the words we use to describe ourselves and our lives and work on improving our self-awareness. Let us avoid using any negative language since doing so prevents us from attracting the life we want. Our words are the paint we use to create the reality we see. To build a reality that is beneficial to us, let us carefully and positively choose the words we use.


  • Speaking truthfully

We frequently act out of anxiety when we grumble about life, speak nervously, or use hateful language. Therefore, improving our self-awareness of the words we are using is the first step we need to take to overcome this.

The next time we are about to criticize ourselves or others, let us stop and consider why we are doing it and how it will contribute to our happiness.

 In conclusion, let us utilize our words carefully because they are the foundation of our world.

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