When a crisis strikes, prayer is essential as it helps us reset our hearts and minds on our creator at all times, despite how chaotic the world may seem. Each person has a natural desire for a deep relationship with God as we were made in His likeness. As followers of Christ, we are now able to approach God with our heartfelt requests owing to the death that Jesus bore in our place. Prayer moves God’s heart, and it is assured that prayer is effective, and we are also instructed to pray frequently.

In times of difficulty, life might change instantly, but God never does. This crisis does not surprise God, and He knows what the future holds. His heart is moved by prayer. The difficulty of capturing every thought is overpowering as it strays free along with constantly shifting reports and exploding social media feeds. In light of this, it is crucial to pray during a crisis. Three roles of prayer in times are listed below.

  •  Fear is resisted by prayer

Crisis brings on fear. When we are navigating through days that have been utterly upheaved, there are very real anxieties to take into account. Our way of life and perhaps our lives are suddenly in jeopardy. While anxiety and fear are unavoidable during a crisis, we must resist allowing them to rule our actions. However, prayer is a powerful weapon in the struggle against stress and dread. By reflecting on truths, we are reminded of God’s sovereignty and are restored in our faith in the One who upholds us.

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  • Prayer serves us our true reward

Although groups of people might pray together, each believer’s relationship with their heavenly Father must be a personal one. Jesus counseled His followers—as well as us—not to fast and pray to gain praise and admiration from others.

“But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” – Matthew 6:6 NIV

  • Prayer helps us focus when we most need it

For God’s people, prayer is a crucial spiritual discipline. Its goal is to hone our focus and bring us closer to God. We put an end to distraction and opt to concentrate on God. An essential tool in our spiritual journey is prayer and the intentional setting aside of time in our lives to give that time to God. No crisis should prevent us from obediently serving the Kingdom of God, albeit it might not look like what we are accustomed to. God is dependable in leading the way. We can more clearly hear God’s instructions when we take the time to pray during times of crisis.

Nevertheless, whether or not we are experiencing a crisis, we are advised to pray at all times.

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