“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” – 1 Peter 4:8


Happiness is, for the most part, conditional. That means that we believe that to relax and enjoy life, we must first solve an issue or accomplish a goal. The problems can be major or minor. We think we would finally be satisfied and complete if we could simply figure out these issues and acquire what we desire. We would not feel as though our lives are incomplete or that we are constantly moving toward something. Will we ever feel as though we have arrived, even if we do manage to have everything under control? I am guessing no. Or if we do, it is short-lived. The problem is this. All of our problem-solving and planning keep us in our heads, and if we are always thinking, rather than acting, we are unable to feel the fullness of our being because we are unable to be in our bodies.

One may want to know what unconditional love is. Affection without restrictions or love without conditions, therefore, are other names for unconditional love. This phrase is occasionally used in conjunction with phrases like genuine benevolence or unwavering love. Unconditional love is defined differently in each field of study, but most experts will agree that it is the kind of love that has no boundaries and is unchangeable.

Associating with individuals who genuinely love you will help you experience unconditional love, whilst practicing joy daily is necessary. Here are some suggestions about how to properly have these.

  • Practice Unconditional Self-Love First.

Before we love ourselves, we cannot love others. We believe we are not deserving of love, though, much too often. We search for love and someone to fill the emptiness in our hearts when we feel empty of it. The only way we can experience love is if we let go of the love we have accepted for ourselves. Genuine self-love is not pompous. The deepest humility serves as its foundation since self-love is a reflection of the divine nature that resides inside each of us. There is no benchmark for measuring other love if we do not first love ourselves. We feel undeserving of any other love if we do not love ourselves. After all, how can I expect anyone else to love me if I cannot even love myself?


  • Recognize God’s Unconditional Loving Presence.

Through prayer and meditation, we can recognize the source of divine love in ourselves. That unconditional love of the divine spirit expressed through each of us blesses every facet of our lives.
“The power of unconditional love is God’s power. There is no other power.” – Rev. Hawkins


  • Practice Unconditional Love And Joy In Your Community.

We have the opportunity to put unconditional love into practice every time we interact with people. We can recognize the enduring presence of love in the warmth and light of our loved ones and strangers. Even in difficult times or when other people test us, viewing the world through the prism of love enables us to recognize each person’s perfect flaw. Work to follow the still, little voice inside to fully accept the people, places, things, and occurrences around you when you are in the company of others.
Additionally, keep in mind that God is full of joy and loves everyone without exception.

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