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Did The Pandemic Ruin Your Marriage?

Relationships are essential in our human lives and what’s probably the most delicate one is in the institution of marriage.

Spouses have an intriguing relationship, their interdependence more often than not, is like no other. Depending on the bond one has between himself and his spouse, certain situations may or may not affect them. In this blog post, we would discuss the possible effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on marriages. How has your marriage faired so far in 2020?


Despite the negativity surrounding COVID-19, many professionals seemed grateful that the lockdown period gave them the opportunity to be with their spouses and children. Quality time cannot be undermined in any healthy relationship.

Marriages need time and attention to create a strong bond and people were able to use the lockdown as a period to strengthen the bond they have with their significant others.

Do you think the lockdown period helped you in sustaining your relationship with your loved one? Were you able to spend time pursuing your hobbies together?


One of the most important issues in dealing with marriage is the issue of money. How much is earned, how much can be spent? Money can make or break relationships. Many organizations had to lay off their workers because of the crises COVID-19 effected. It is a great problem for every household to have it’s highest income earners lose their jobs or have their salaries reduced drastically.

Marriages can be negatively affected in these cases. Pay cuts would definitely mean that you and your spouse need to adjust your expenses to survive. The truth is these adjustments may not come easy and would take some time to get used to.

What was your experience like? If you had a pay cut or were laid off during the lockdown, what were the effects it had on you and your spouse? How supportive was your spouse, did you come back from the situation a stronger couple?


COVID-19 has been known to spread wildly through physical contact. Soaps and hand sanitizers have been in high demand since the pandemic became known to humanity. It is quite interesting to think about what implications a contagious disease would have on a married couple’s physical intimacy.

There have been countless stories of men refusing to ‘touch’ their wives for fear of contracting the disease and vice-versa. As to whether there’s veracity to these stories or not, it still reveals a possibility that fear of COVID-19 can breed mistrust amongst couples. Neither party can tell how exposed the other has been to the virus on their daily routines and there may be some hesitation to indulge in acts of physical intimacy.

How was your marriage affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Do any of the issues raised reflect what you may have gone through with your spouse? Let’s have interesting conversations in the comments section.

How To Bounce Back After A Crisis?

Crisis in life can be crippling and extremely discouraging. It can make one wallow in the seas of depression and never wish to be rescued. What makes any crisis difficult to deal with is the thought of having to start all over again. It is very disheartening to think that all the efforts you put in to achieve your dreams may not have been successful. Everyone has experienced moments where they felt like throwing in the towel. Moments that make us feel like the pain, sweat, and tears are not going to be worth it.

So how can we bounce back after a crisis? 


Ecc 3:4 BBE A time for weeping and a time for laughing; a time for sorrow and a time for dancing; 

Interestingly, it seems counterintuitive for one to be advised to mourn after a crisis. Many ‘experts’ would tell you to stay strong and move on. The truth is, mourning is an important part of the process of healing. You need to allow yourself to heal by mourning your loss. Healthy mourning is not a sign of failure but a sign of strength. In order to let go of the disappointments, you need to allow yourself to let go of all the emotions, cry if you have to.  Allow your emotions to flow, and then move on! 


The next stage is a moment of reflection. This is a stage for being objective and analytic rather than emotional. You need to think about what you did wrong and what you could have done better to avoid the situation you find yourself in. Think about these things because they would help you plan towards the future. The fact that you have a crisis doesn’t mean that life won’t go on and you won’t have the opportunity to try new things…you definitely would.

Trying something and not getting the results gives you the knowledge and experience to diagnose what was wrong with your initial approach. 


1Th 5:18 BBE In everything give praise: for this is the purpose of God in Christ Jesus for you. 

It is easy to blame God in periods of crisis. Human nature is such that once we begin to face difficulties, we begin to lose our faith. We tend to point fingers at God for not doing His job. Many people have left the faith because they went through certain hard times. We need to realize that sometimes, a crisis is ways for God to strengthen us and mould our character.

No matter what we go through in life, we need to constantly give thanks to God. We need to have an attitude of gratitude towards Him because He has been merciful towards us and deserves every glory He can get. In our quest to bounce back from crisis, God must be involved because He is the only one that can point us in the right direction. 


After a crisis, do not be afraid to live life again. Try new things or try old things in new ways. Somebody once said that trying something and not being successful at it isn’t so much of a bad thing because it is a learning curve.

It helps you identify the wrong options and cancel them out. No matter what happens remember not to give up. Remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!! 

Get Ready To Experience Something Big

GOD’S 2020 STORY.  

God is an amazing playwright and we’re characters in His production. The good news is that God does not write tragedies. Just as the plot of every good story has 5 elements (Exposition – Rising action- Climax – Falling Action – Resolution), our story as written by God also has such elements. Let me paint you a picture with the current year, 2020As it’s exposition, our 2020 story started with a lot of expectations.  We expected it to be one of the greatest years ever!

The rising action of our 2020 story came when news of a new virus started flying through our airwaves. COVID-19 was a disease many people felt wouldn’t make way to their home countries but the disease was no respecter of immigration laws. This ushered us into the climax – the number of infections were on the rise, churches were closed, people lost their jobs, we had to stay at home every day. Our predicament was at its peak. The good thing is that, after the story gets to the climax, the falling action follows where the problem starts getting resolved. What role do we have to play in the falling action? 


We are at the part of the plot where the puzzle begins to be solved. In order to turn 2020’s story to one full of great testimonies and victories, you must up your game. This is the part of the story where the hero uses every tool in his arsenal available to him/her to defeat the enemy. As Christians, we can call on someone greater than us to step into the equation. God himself, who is the author and finisher of our faith can be called upon by us to get involved in our story. If this isn’t a privilege, then what is? We have the cheat code that would change the game in our favor. Suit up for something big! 


James 5:16 KJV Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. 

There is no situation or problem that cannot be resolved by the power of prayer. God is an omnipotent being and our prayers allow him to intervene in our affairs. There is no way your situation won’t be turned around when you pray to God to be the game-changer. Change the story and give it a better outcome. God has given you the power to do so through prayer. It is understandable that sometimes and especially during 2020, most of us, have lost the zeal and appetite for prayer. This has been largely due to the pandemic and how it has hampered fellowship amongst Christians.

But there is more good news. 


Nicholas Duncan-Williams ministries bring to you GLOBAL PRAYER WORKS 2020. Get ready to rise above this moment through effectual prayers. Global Prayer Works 2020 is going to be a virtual experience where ministers from different parts of the world lead us in prayer, praise, worship, prophecy, and deliverance. There would also be a deliverance clinic and live prophetic ministrations.

The 2020 edition of  The Global Prayer Works Summit would have English, Twi, and French Ministry rooms to cater to our linguistic differences. The summit starts from 20th August 2020  at 7 pm GMT and ends on 22nd August 2020. In order for you to be part of this impactful and virtual experience, you need to register now Just click:

Do not miss this opportunity to change your 2020 story. The ball is ultimately in your court. Join us and change the tide. Victory is within touching distance. All we need to do is to reach out and grab it.  

It Is Time To Forgive And Let Go

Humans are social beings. We flourish when we interact with one another.


It is difficult to work in an organization when you do not excel at being a cooperative team player. You need to be able to work well with your colleagues in order to get excellent results. The church also thrives on cooperation. The norm in the church is to love your neighbour, spread the gospel and make more disciples. All these church norms are impossible to accomplish without socially interacting with people. The school is another arena requiring social relationships. Students have relationships with one another and their teachers. Our parents spend a lot of time and effort trying to mould us into people who would easily blend into society. All these bolster the fact that cooperation forms the very fabric of the world’s institution.


As established, cooperation and relationships are important for the world to work in an orderly fashion. The only problem is that people are not always the same. The fact that we’re different in a lot of ways adds some spice to life. Other times our unique personalities may breed conflicts. We tend to disagree with opinions that do not align with ours and find some attitudes offensive. The most effective way to deal with offences is forgiveness.

But how do we forgive those who offend us? What benefit is forgiveness to us?


The mandate of every Christian is submission and obedience to God. One of God’s most priced instructions is forgiveness. God requires us to forgive each other of trespasses just like Christ forgave us on the cross. We are to follow His example and forgive anyone who offends us because He also forgave. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you (Ephesians 4:32).


See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it, many are defiled. (Hebrews 12:15)
Bitterness causes trouble and defiles us. This means that when we have bitterness in our hearts, we hurt ourselves unknowingly. When we stay angry at a person, we get filled with negativity and that is not good for our mental and emotional health.

No matter who offended us and how bad it hurts, we need to forgive and let go because it is for our own good.


As society is built on relationships, it means that relations are important. Being able to forgive and let go helps you mend broken relationships. Offences ruin relationships so it is very important that we develop the character of forgiveness to foster cooperativeness. We need to keep our friendships because through that we get exposed to a myriad of opportunities to improve our lives.

Good friends and family members are rare and you do not want unforgiveness to ruin your beautiful relationships.

Share with us in the comments below, a moment in your life where everything would have been ruined without forgiveness. God bless you

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God Heals The Brokenhearted

If life is a journey, then it isn’t a smooth ride. It has never been a straight road. There are many twists turn and bumps and a lot of times, we collide with others on the road. We wish it were simple but it isn’t. Life is complicated. As humans, hurt, pain and disappointment cut us deeply to the point that we bleed. It proves that we’re sensitive and vulnerable 

Heartbreak comes in many forms but the effect of heartbreak depends on your level of expectation. Having a high expectation for an event to occur would result in severe heartbreak if the occurrence of the event is deferred. One of the most common sources of heartbreaks is romantic relationships. It is uncountable the number of movies and songs based on this phenomenon. We tend to fall out with the people who have held special places in our hearts and this leads to a lot of hurt, pain, and a state of confusion. The closest people to us are the ones with the greatest power to cause us the most pain through heartbreaks.  

Another prominent source of heartbreak is a deferred dream, hope, or expectation. Sometimes we dream of getting that job, school, or contract we applied for but at the end of the day, we realize that what we hoped for wouldn’t come to fruition. The pain could be unbearable at times but rest assured, there is an antidote. 


John 14: 16. And I will pray for the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever. 

God knew that we are susceptible to heartbreak which brings pain and sorrow. For that reason, He gave us the Holy Spirit who is meant to be our comforter in times of pain. The Holy Spirit mends our hearts by reminding us of God’s promises in His Word and the hope that we have because we are His followers. He reminds us that regardless of the situation, God has great plans for us and that we would come out great in the end. 


Psalms 34:18The LORD is near when their hearts break.  He saves those whose spirits are very sad.  

Sometimes we wonder where we can find God or whether He is close to us or not. You can be sure of where God is when someone is sad or heartbroken. Sounds counterintuitive right? We’ve been wired to think that God is only around those who have unexplainable joy but that is not the whole truth. Whenever you are sad God is there. Think about the possible reasons why an all-powerful God would draw closer to a heartbroken, depressed person. The reason is that He can heal your depression. He comes close to you in such moments because He waits for you to ask Him for help. Anytime you have the feeling of sadness and depression, remember to ask God to take you out of it because He is near! 


In as much as God is the only one who can completely heal your heartache, you should have it in mind that he sometimes does it through people and established institutions. In your depressed state, pray to God for help but also talk to people in the position to help you. There are many trustworthy people in the church who are authorized to give you godly counsel to help you through your pain. 

When in pain, do not deal with it alone. Always remember that God loves you. 

If you have ever experienced God’s healing power, share a testimony, with us in the comments below. Stay Blessed.

You Are Stronger Than You Think

Might, strength, power, and success, sometimes, seem to be qualities reserved for a selected group of people.  Many individuals do not consider themselves as part of the unique set of people with such qualities.

Is strength something we’re born with or is it something that we can develop? We do believe that it is a combination of both. Strength is not only the physical ability to withstand great force but would refer to the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions as well. Though some may be born with a greater degree of strength in some facets than others, we can all train ourselves to gain strength where we lack it.

In the Bible, Samson was characterized by sheer physical strength. His strength was inborn and he was unmatched by any of his contemporaries. In spite of his strength, Samson had an emotional weakness that led to his demise. Samson’s affection towards Delilah ultimately led to his captivity in the hands of the Philistines. The point is that just as we have strengths, we also have areas of weaknesses. Most times, we focus on the weak areas and end up measuring our strength using the wrong standards.


When we have a challenge or go through a though process in life without emerging victorious, we beat ourselves up and judge ourselves harshly as failures, underachievers, or weaklings. Measuring strength by the number of victories one has is acceptable but not accurate. You are also strong when you recover after life throws a heavy stone at you.  The pain and harsh realities we endure are marks of our strength. So do not view your current situation as a weakness. If you have been able to survive through it all,  till this moment, know that you are strong!!


As stated earlier some strengths come naturally to us whiles others aren’t innate. The good news is that, no matter what our “weaknesses” are we can correct and transform them into strengths. God gave us the ability to make such transformations and that in itself is a strength. You might think you’re weak but you’re actually not because you have it in you to become as strong as you can be in any area of your life.

Phi 4:13 KJV I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

The word of God has already said that you are stronger than you think and you have the ability to do all things because Christ strengthens you.


2Co 12:9 KJV “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness“. Most gladly, therefore, will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

Always remember that as a Christian you are not alone. The fact that God is strong makes you also strong because He lives in you.

What areas of your life do you think you’re naturally strong at? What areas do you think need improving? Also, are there any weaknesses you may have had in the past that you’ve been able to overcome? Please do share it with us in the comment section.

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How Has Your Year Truly Been So Far?

Clean slates are attractive to us because of the prospect of starting on the right path. What is even more enticing about having a blank slate is the fact that your past errors have been erased. So many of us view a new year just like we view a clean slate. It’s all about setting up standards, goals, and resolutions we desire to fulfill.

2020 like all other years started with a lot of promise for most of us. It was not only the start of a new year but of a new decade. Everyone had high expectations. We wanted to grow our businesses, relationships, and other essential aspects of our lives.

But something unexpected interrupted the excitement we all had for this new decade.


Early this year, businesses had to close, churches had to stop operating and families had to stay indoors. We were all affected one way or the other.


Quite a number of people have admitted that even though the pandemic had dire effects on the world, the lockdown period had some positive effects on their families. There was a testimony of a man who hadn’t been able to spend quality time with his family since he started a new job 5 years ago. Though he wasn’t happy about the impacts of COVID-19 on his job, he felt that the lockdown gave him a great opportunity to be an integral part of his children’s lives.

During the lockdown, there are many people who have seized the opportunity to study short courses online, start businesses tailored towards meeting the prevailing needs of people in this period, learn how to play an instrument, etc. Though we hope and pray that COVID-19 would soon be eradicated, we need to be creative and find ways to survive and grow even in these times. As you’re reading this, you may be thinking that you’re not up to the task but you need to believe that you have it inside of you to overcome the big challenge 2020 came with.


If you haven’t achieved anything this year, at least find solace in the fact that God has kept you alive for the first half of 2020. That means that the best is yet to come. And you have six more months to make it right. Prove your doubters and critics wrong and make 2020 a memorable year for yourself because you owe it to yourself!


People who might feel ‘bullied’ by 2020 and COVID-19 need a spark of hope. That little spark of hope can be your story. Tell us how you have been able to make the most of this year in spite of this pandemic. Add to your impressive run this year by being a motivation to someone else. Please do share it with us in the comment section below. God bless you!

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EYES ON AFRICA: Making room for creativity online

The phrase ‘these are not normal times’ has become a banal expression within the COVID-19 climate. Nations and individuals are gradually recognizing ways to not only survive the pandemic but to succeed. The fact prevails that if COVID-19 had emerged about a century ago as the Spanish flu, we would not have been able to ease some of its effects on our lives. The pandemic came at a time where technology harbors some of its impacts. The internet has been an invaluable resource for us to maintain our businesses, education, faith, and to interact with one another amidst the calls to be socially distant.

In business, online trading has been the way to go. In the sphere of formal education, lectures and examinations are virtual. The same applies to faith-based entities. Places of worship have re-opened in many parts of the world with some limitations; however, some regular churchgoers prefer to stay home and watch services online. Many people are gradually becoming accustomed to life online.

Up to now, auditoriums, theatres, and cinemas were common places for entertainment to perform. The advent of this pandemic has seemingly robbed artists of their primary means of income. Many complain about these challenges in their art and careers, and audiences hunger for more access to entertainment.


As Africans are becoming part of the growing digital community, access to quality, and engaging online content has become a necessity. The World Bank recorded 89 million-internet users in sub-Saharan Africa, half of which were in Nigeria. Kenya and Nigeria together accounted for 62% of the total internet users in Africa. There is also more attention toward investment in African-based media. Major organizations like Netflix and Universal are steadily invading the digital creative space of Africa.

It is evident that the pandemic has caused a higher demand for creative content online. Content creators should use this surge of online interest to their advantage to create content for digital platforms, reaching the masses who yearn for their art.


The population of Christians in Africa exceeds the number of Christians on any other continent. These numbers will not decline anytime soon; in fact, an exponential increase in the number of African Christians is to be expected in the next few decades. Coupled with the growing number of Christians in Africa and the broadened interest in African media, there is much room for creatives to display their talent and broaden their audiences with the potential to attract major companies for distribution.

Dominion Television is no stranger to the growing demand for digital content. Dominion TV on Demand provides unlimited access to quality Christian content made in Africa, providing values-based, interesting content available on any mobile device. Our content is created to inspire Christians to live faith-empowered lives. Our goal is to make Christ more relevant to a new generation of young Christians looking for meaning and a new representation of the Christian faith.

As the Christian faith has taken center stage in Africa, opportunities for Christian creatives are more attainable and have the potential to attract major markets. The shift of attention to faith-based content is encouraging, and the growing demand for quality online content should be met with able hands.

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Are You Really Hearing God’s voice?

If God spoke to you, would you recognize His voice? As a child can distinguish between the voices of his/her parents and the voices of others, it is imperative that we are able to recognize God’s voice if we’re His children. How do we know when He speaks? 


Humans have an innate ability to distinguish between what is morally acceptable and what is not. When torn between two decisions regarding moral values it is relatively easy to know when one option is morally permissible and the other isn’t. For instance, having to choose between theft and generosity really shouldn’t give anyone with a considerable moral knowledge a headache. We would naturally expect God to suggest generosity and abhor theft. So in such cases where the choice is straightforward and between good and evil, we can discern from what angle God would speak.  


One of the most proven ways to be certain whether the voice you heard is God’s voice or not is to compare it with the standards of God’s word. We’re not always going to have situations bordering on decisions that have an obvious moral resolution. For instance, issues relating to fear, health, prosperity, etc. May not be explicitly moral in nature and such issues need God’s word as the standard in other to discern whose voice you’re hearing.

When you feel discouraged, fearful, and insecure you can tell where those feelings are from by searching the scriptures. 2 Timothy 1:7 – For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. From this scripture, we can know the voice and thoughts of God concerning fear. So when you’re fearful about the future or your next move in life, you should know that the whispers that make you fearful aren’t God’s voice. 


We all are spirit beings with consciences that guide us. Our spirits have the ability to discern God’svoice from other voices in the universe. Once we develop our spirits we shall be able to know when God is speaking to us. God can speak to us through dreams, visions, thoughts, and other people. Our spirits are made in such a way that they can accurately pick out God’s voice from the rest of the voices out there. Our spirits are witnesses of God’s thoughts and intentions towards us. The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: (Rom 8:16) 


I know you may be wondering whether hearing God’s voice is actually as simple as we may make it seem. There are numerous questions that plague us when trying to figure out the source of our ideas. Sometimes every option we have seems noble and appropriate and it makes it difficult to determine what God wants for us. 

What are your personal experiences? How did you determine which job to take when you had great offers from two great companies? How did God you know your current choice of school was what God desired for you when you had equally good offers? 

Let’s hear from you. Leave your thoughts in the comment section. 

How Can We Effectively Partner With God?

Someone once told me that a team is as good as its weakest member/player. Meaning that no matter how good your best players are, your team can be vulnerable because of the inexperience of one player. There is some truth to that statement but on the flip side, when a team has enough strong members and a great level of cohesion between the members; every player’s strength would make up for the shortcoming of the other. Therefore whoever you have on your team is as important as your skillset. Everyone would want to have teammates that’ll make winning easier and not more difficult. So before you set out to play the game of life, pick God as your teammate. He can help us win in every aspect of life. Today we will explore just a few aspects of life where partnering with God, guarantees as a win.


People start business partnerships because it is an easy way to increase your pool of assets and your capital. Great partnerships have the potential to increase the rate of production and profits. How can we partner with God in our finances? The best way is to use his principles concerning the usage of money and resources. The Bible has principles regarding what kind of character traits lead to poverty and what attitudes lead to wealth. For instance, the Bible supports the ideology of diversification in investments. Investing in more than one venture is the hallmark of financial literacy. It has the propensity to increase your profits while reducing risks.

Ecclesiastes 11:2 Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

Partnering with God in your financial journey would have him advise you on secrets and principles to progress in your business and the management of your personal wallet.


Having spoken to so many people I realized that one of the greatest fears we have regarding romantic relationships is marrying the wrong person. Imagine:

  • becoming disillusioned just months after your wedding, realizing that your spouse wasn’t the perfect match for you.
  • struggling to be happy in a relationship with someone you’re convinced you to love dearly.
  • not being able to tolerate each other’s differences and finding it hard to forgive each other for your shortcomings

Many are the problems of relationships but partnering with God in your relationship would birth that unconditional love we crave. In letting God guide us, He would give us the wisdom to navigate through convoluted relationships. He would guide you in finding the right person and loving each other the way you should. Having God as your partner in relationships doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be challenges. The truth is, there are always challenges in relationships but with God, you will find the best solutions to them.


Sometimes choosing a career path can be extremely difficult. Especially when you’re not really sure of what your interests are. There are many people with this problem. Sometimes you feel as though the talents you have and what you are interested in pursuing as a career are not reconcilable. Other times you may feel like your desired career path is not the best option to take if your goal is to be financially secure. There are numerous hurdles associated with finding your purpose on earth but in order to know the perfect purpose of anything, you need to ask its inventor. When God is our partner, He would direct our steps to perfection.

As pointed out early on, partnering with God is simply the best way to be the best version of yourself. The fact that He created you implies that He knows what your strengths and weaknesses are. Therefore as your partner, He would complement your strengths and cover up your weaknesses. When this happens you would succeed in your endeavors.