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Amb. Nkengasong, Inaugural Virchow Prize for Global Health Laureate, Donates €500,000

Press Release

John N. Nkengasong, inaugural Virchow Prize for Global Health laureate, donates €500,000 endowment to support efforts addressing health inequities in vulnerable populations.

African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET) has been chosen to implement these activities in vulnerable populations in select African countries.

Berlin, November 22, 2022 – 2022 Virchow Prize for Global Health laureate, John N. Nkengasong, announces he is dedicating the €500,000 prize endowment to support programmes that will help address health inequities in vulnerable populations. The Virchow Foundation for Global Health will fulfil the endowment to the non-profit organisation and networking alliance, AFENET, to this end. Dr Nkengasong was awarded with the inaugural Virchow Prize on October 15, 2022 in Berlin in the presence of several hundred distinguished international guests from the global health community, diplomats, political leaders, and scientists from all over the world.


AFENET is a networking and service alliance of field epidemiology and laboratory training programmes with headquarters in Kampala, Uganda. Established in 2005 with the vision for a healthier Africa, AFENET operates in more than 40 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean regions of the World Health Organization. AFENET dedicates their strategic priorities to supporting ministries of health in Africa to build strong, effective, sustainable programmes and the capacity to improve public health systems on the continent. Specific goals of the networking alliance include strengthening field epidemiology and public health laboratory capacity to contribute effectively to addressing epidemics and other major public health problems in African countries.

“We at AFENET are very grateful to Dr John Nkengasong for giving us the opportunity to be part of this glorious and historic award. We are excited that he has chosen AFENET to implement the endowment to address inequities in vulnerable populations. We applaud Dr Nkengasong for selflessly dedicating the entire award money to addressing the needs of the vulnerable. We commit to managing the funds prudently for the intended purpose. Congratulations Dr Nkengasong!” says AFENET Executive Director, Dr Simon Antara.

About the Virchow Prize for Global Health

The Virchow Prize for Global Health was awarded for the first time in 2022 under the High Patronage of German Federal President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and is endowed with €500,000. It recognises outstanding lifetime achievements in the field of global health that align and uphold the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. John N. Nkengasong was honoured for his long-standing commitment and contributions to improving health worldwide. His accomplishments in addressing complex global health challenges, making healthcare accessible to the world’s most vulnerable, and implementing systemic and holistic organisations to shaping the global health landscape are unparalleled. Nominations for the 2023 Virchow Prize for Global Health may now be submitted
from November 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023. Further information:

2022 Virchow Prize for Global Health Award Ceremony Highlights

About the Virchow Foundation for Global Health

The Virchow Prize for Global Health is awarded by the Virchow Foundation for Global Health, an independent non-profit foundation under civic law. Based in Berlin and Münster, the Virchow Foundation for Global Health was established with the support of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, alongside civil society, and leading experts within global health, to contribute to the improvement of health worldwide.

Further information:

Steffi Gasteiger
Communication & Partnerships Manager
Virchow Foundation for Global Health
c/o Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Jägerstr. 22/23
DE-10117 Berlin, Germany

Rosa Whitaker In a Conversation with Allison Dembeck on National Women’s Small Business Month

The U.S. Chamber membership celebrates a female leader every month as part of the Women Taking the Lead (WTTL) program, and October focused on National Women’s Small Business. Rosa Whitaker, President, and CEO of the Whitaker Group and a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Board, in a conversation with Allison Dembeck, Vice President of Education and Labor Advocacy, Government Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce shares her experiences in light of the National Women’s Small Business.

Rosa Whitaker’s response to the question of what motivated her as the founder of the Whitaker Group to concentrate on business investment in Africa was that since she has spent a significant amount of time living and working in Africa over the years, she early on recognized the region’s potential as an emerging economic hub for global aggregate demand and growth. She continued by saying that she founded The Whitaker Group to enhance business solutions and foster wealth throughout Africa. She states that she and her colleagues at The Whitaker Group have outperformed their expectations by aiding in the acquisition of billions of dollars in private sector investments throughout Africa in methods that promoted sustainable economic development and environmental protection.

“We quickly became the partner of choice for global brands as the leading investment, corporate strategy, and project development firm specializing in Africa.” – Rosa Whitaker

Sharing her experience, Rosa Whitaker stated that over the past few years, The Whitaker Group’s focus has shifted from transaction consulting and project development for major firms to their direct investments in Africa. Particularly, the group owns and runs Dominion Television, a pan-African media, and television firm that transmits 24/7 in 47 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa on Africa’s largest satellite platform, DStv. Dominion Television has successfully become Africa’s most-watched Christian Lifestyle channel on satellite television as a result of the team’s combination of passion with profession. They have done this by positioning the station as the gateway to Africa’s enormous market of more than 640 million Christians, the continent’s largest affinity group. Beyond television, Dominion TV produces multimedia content and will soon enter the e-commerce space with products tailored to its expanding clientele.

Dominion TV’s Contribution in Support of Women Leaders

The content at Dominion TV focuses on women’s empowerment, health, finance, gender equity, and entrepreneurship. The organization’s leadership is predominately made up of women, which contributes to the culture of support for women. The Whitaker Group’s President and CEO stated that the organization will shortly announce its largest assistance for female entrepreneurs in the early months of 2023.

“We are so excited about an innovative impact fund that will largely support women-owned enterprises in Africa with capital infusions which will help to close what the World Economic Forum (WEF) projected as a $42 billion funding gap for women entrepreneurs in Africa” – President and CEO of The Whitaker Group

Why Commercial Engagement with Africa Is Important

She cites growth as one of the many reasons she believes U.S. small business owners should understand the significance of doing business with Africa. Africa, she says, now has a middle class of around 350 million people, which is starting to compete with China and India. In conclusion, she thinks there are simply too many opportunities for U.S. SMEs to grow in Africa’s diversified marketplaces. This is especially true given that the demand for goods and services continues to outstrip supply in practically every sector of the continent. She believes that President Biden’s US-Africa Economic Summit in December and its subsequent actions will result in ground-breaking U.S. innovations in investment and economic policy as well as U.S. corporate ties across Africa.

In her final statement, Rosa Whitaker offers the piece of advice that has stayed with her throughout her career. Her mother had advised her to be unstoppable and to dream big, and Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quotes “dare greatly” and “critic does not count” subsequently served to further reaffirm this counsel.

Visit @In Her Own Words: Rosa Whitaker, President, and CEO of the Whitaker Group | U.S. Chamber of Commerce ( to read the full article.
Dominion is on DStv channel 352 and GOtv channel 168.
Dominion TV, Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network for Inspired and Empowered Living.


Rosa Whitaker in Conversation with Hillary Clinton at the Boma of Africa 2022

Africa Integration Day is observed to honor significant accomplishments and events that have significantly contributed to the region’s full integration into the largest free-trade area in the world. Elders and communities assemble in Boma, which is a communal gathering place, to talk about problems and possible solutions as well as to share stories.

Rosa Whitaker, CEO, and President of the Whitaker Group

At the Boma of Africa 2022, Rosa Whitaker, CEO and President of the Whitaker Group and a former and inaugural Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa, engaged in a conversation with Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, the First Lady of the United States (1993–2001), and the 67th United States Secretary of State (2009-2013).

Although there are many challenges to the various advancements made since the founding of the Boma by the African Union as part of the Africa Integration Day, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton believes that there is much to celebrate as she begins by describing Rosa Whitaker as a brilliant woman in all spheres of her life and by expressing gratitude for being a part of the year’s festival of ideas.

The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the outlook for post-pandemic economic growth, climate change, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, will continue to have devastating effects on the continent, many of which Africa is not responsible for but which Africa must deal with the consequences of.

“Africa has the youngest fastest growing population in the world. That is a blessing, but is also a challenge.” – Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

She continued by stating that she is well aware of the fact that women and girls worldwide, including in Africa, were disproportionately affected negatively by the pandemic. For this, African women, who she considers to be among the most inspirational and powerful individuals, have a larger role to play in their country’s economy, political system, and social structure. The former Secretary of State of the United States thinks it is critical to take all reasonable steps to open up these economic avenues for women on the continent, including a free-trade agreement, increased investment in women, and removing barriers that governments erect for women.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton’s Advice To African Nations

When asked what advice she would provide to African nations, Hillary Clinton responded that:

  • I think each nation should take a look at its strengths and shortcomings and capitalize on what works more for them.
  • Nations should reflect on their losses and make every effort to lessen them.
  • It is advised to have effective governance and consider GDP while tackling difficulties to reap the most benefits.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, Former First Lady of the United States. Photo credit:

Although she expresses her views on the role of African women, she also thinks that it is crucial to give women access to investments and possibilities for advancement. She is quite optimistic about what the new century would bring.

The fact that life is not a straight line with solely pleasant days offers the former First Lady of the United States optimism. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was fortunate to have a mother who instilled resilience in her. No one can make someone feel horrible about themselves without that person’s consent, she continued. She counseled that one should keep it going for themselves whatever it is that motivates them. She ended by saying that whatever it is, it first manifests in the family before spreading over the neighborhood and beyond.

“Today, we have to keep going”- Hillary Clinton

“Dominion Television partnered with AfroChampions to broadcast this exciting event live on Dominion Television. We believe such content will inspire our audience towards living a more empowered life and positively impacting their communities” – Nosisa Doe, General Manager, Dominion Television Ghana

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Boma of Africa 2022 Live on Dominion Television


From extreme left: Fiona Achieng, Rita N.A. Arthur, Jesse Akosa, Nana A.A. Afful and Mark Atitsogbui

Following the Boma of Africa, which took place today, July 8, 2022, a precursor to the festival was hosted at the Dominion Television studios. The show’s hosts were Fiona Achieng and Mark Attitsogbui, both of whom are staff at the television station.

A session with some of Ghana’s promising youth

The guests, Jesse Akosa, a business development officer and trained data and financial analyst, Rita Nana Adwoa Arthur, a writer, poet, and filmmaker, Nana Akua Asante Afful, an artisan and second runner-up at the 2017 Ghana’s Most Beautiful, shared their opinions on a variety of themes, including but not limited to the changes they observed in their respective industries ten years ago as compared to the changes they hope to see in the next ten years, as host, Fiona Achieng remarked, “Ghanaian food is a work of art,” in addition to what they celebrate about Africa.

The team from Dominion Television went out into Accra’s streets in anticipation of the great event, Boma of Africa 2022, to find out what people’s opinions were. As they discussed why they believed corruption should be tackled at the festival, they praised the Boma of Africa as a fantastic event.

Boma of Africa; The festival of Ideas

The Boma’s first section was devoted to the establishment of a continental digital trading corridor to assist in the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement through terminal emulator interoperability systems across traditions of the AU Member States, a digital ecosystem of connected e-government and private apps, and a single online business repository and a social credit system for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and startups, as the Hub was launched by the President of Niger and AfCFTA Champion, H.E. Mahamadou Issifou.

H.E. Mahamadou Issifou, President of Niger. Photo credit:

Following a spoken word, Cynthia Gnassingbe-Essonam, Senior Advisor at the AfCFTA, gave the opening comments at the Boma of Africa, and Wamkele Mene gave the keynote address. More information on the AfCFTA’s role in integrating the African market was provided by H.E. Wamkele Mene, who also noted that the AfCFTA’s launch had advanced since the previous Boma with the help of the Afreximbank.

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)

  • Based on the number of participating nations, the AfCFTA is the largest free trade area in the world since the World Trade Organization was established.
  • Among its many goals is the creation of an internal market for products and services, which has the potential to raise intra-African trade by 52.3%.
  • It intends to bring together all 55 African Union member states, spanning a population of more than 1.3 billion people with a developing middle class and a total gross domestic product of $3.4 trillion.

In keeping with previous Boma tradition, part two of the gathering included several dignitaries, including Heads of State, continental businessmen, and world thinkers, who discussed important topics affecting Africa’s long-term plan for structural transformation.

The discussion topics covered creative solutions to Africa’s current financial and supply chain issues, youth and gender empowerment, and the potential for cross-border trade and new technology to be resilient in the face of pandemics and resurgent major power rivalries.

The event’s peak occurred during its third segment. With assistance from international partners like the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Kingdom, Australia, The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), The United States of America, the European Union, the Government of India, Singapore, and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Africa CDC launched a continental eHealth backbone that brought together African Union departments and agencies, as well as its African Vaccine Passport module.

As part of their promotional relationship, the African Union and AfroChampions were in charge of organizing The Boma of Africa. The AfCFTA Hub Network and the continent’s business community were also sponsors.

“Dominion TV partnered with AfroChampions to broadcast this exciting event live on Dominion TV; Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network for Inspired and Empowered Living. We believe such content will inspire our audience towards living a more empowered life and positively impacting their communities” – Nosisa Doe, General Manager, Dominion TV Ghana

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Taking Stock of the ‘African Century’ – Boma of Africa 2022

July 7th was declared by the African Union “African Integration Day” annually in 2019, and the African Union (AU) and its partners have been celebrating numerous accomplishments ever since.

AfroChampions, a key partner of the African Union and a preeminent innovation enabler, facilitator, and private industry liaison for continental government institutions, will once again conclude Africa Integration Week with the Boma of Africa, this year under the African Union’s auspices.

The Boma Festival

The Boma is a festival of thoughts and deeds that are fundamentally transforming Africa. The organizers of Boma 2022 have arranged a vibrant tapestry of debates, insightful discourse, and consequential official statements on ground-breaking initiatives epitomizing the most interesting and inspiring benchmarks of African unification and assimilation. They have done this in collaboration with a樂威壯
variety of Africa’s leading organizations. The Boma’s 2022 theme is on reckoning and offers a thorough examination of the dream of an African Single Market. The Symposium on the African Century will be commemorated by the opening of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) hub digital trading corridor, the African vaccine passport, and spotlighting of the eHealth backbone in the presence of several signatories, including H.E. Nana Akufo Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Wamkele Mene, Secretary-General of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), and H.E. Mackey Sall, chair of the AU and President of Senegal.

Boma on Dominion Television, Ghana

Rosa Whitaker, CEO and President of the Whitaker Group and a former and inaugural Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa, Mark Eddo, a former senior correspondent for ITV, Ann-Marie Dias Borges, a senior journalist for the BBC, and Bineta Diop, an envoy for the African Union (AU), will moderate the Boma 2022, which will be broadcast live on Dominion TV; Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network for Inspired and Empowered Living on July 8, 2022, at 10 am GMT (noon CET) in honor of the Africa Integration Day, DStv Channel 352 and Gotv channel 168.

Register to be a part of the Boma 2022 and reach out via /

Use the hashtag #bomaondominiontv to join the conversation online.


Closing Africa’s Infrastructure financing gap – Rosa Whitaker at the 2022 AAM in Cairo 

Rosa Whitaker, Vice-Chair and President of Dominion Television, gave a passionate contribution to closing Africa’s infrastructure gap as a key panelist at the 29th Afreximbank Annual General Meetings (AAGM2022) in Cairo, Egypt, in the presence of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi, a transformative leader of our time.

Whitaker detailed the actions required to accomplish this goal and shared her vision of a unified Africa inclusive of all members of the diaspora. “It is time for us to come together as one Africa, putting aside our differences and working towards a common goal.” She emphasized that if there is unity within the Diaspora and the Africans on the continent, our community would be a potent force by merging elements, resources, and strengths- both economic and cultural, that bring us together. “In the United States, when I look at the African American community, we have 1.6 trillion dollars in consumer spending in income”, she stated.


Bridging The Financial Gap By Leveraging The Private Sector And Tax Incentives

Rosa Whitaker shared that to bridge the gap, Africa should leverage their relationship with the United States by tapping its greatest strength, which is its bond market. She adds that “President Biden has proposed a similar initiative for infrastructure for Africa and the G7 group,” that the echo chamber must be traded around since it is a method for America and Western nations to advance without necessarily increasing their budget deficits.

One solution proposed by Whitaker is providing tax incentives to encourage the private sector to invest in businesses in Africa. Rosa Whitaker gave an illustration by noting that if an American business invests in infrastructure in Africa, it will be able to bring its earnings back to the US tax-free and receive some tax breaks.

Rosa Whitaker appreciates the African Export-Import Bank for hosting an outstanding Afreximbank Annual General Meeting (AAGM2022), complementing the occasion as an excellent forum for the exchange of innovative ideas and showcasing remarkable work that is already in progress.

The 29th Afreximbank Annual General Meetings (AAGM2022) was held in Cairo, Egypt from June 14-18, 2022.


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An Interview with Melvin P. Foote, President and Chief Executive Officer of Constituency for Africa

Many people who have worked to improve their country and the globe can be found among the Peace Corps Returned Volunteers from Ethiopia and Eritrea.  Melvin P. Foote served in Eritrea and Ethiopia from 1973 to 1976 and was moved from Eritrea to Ethiopia during that time, and like many volunteers, he had a life-changing encounter that continues to have a significant impact on both his personal and professional life.


Early life                                                                                                                                                               

Melvin P. Foote, President, and CEO of Constituency for Africa (CFA). Photo courtesy of

For more than 40 years, Melvin P. Foote had worked in Africa and on African concerns. He is the founder and president of the Constituency for Africa (CFA), a 25-year-old network of businesses, associations, and people in Washington, D.C., dedicated to the development and empowerment of Africa and Africans everywhere. The goal of the Constituency for Africa (CFA) is to increase public and private support for Africa and to influence U.S. policy toward the continent. The President’s Emergency Response to HIV/AIDS in Africa (PEPFAR), African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) are a few of the US government programs focused on Africa that were directly established by Melvin Foote and Constituency for Africa.


Melvin P. Foote worked as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer and instructor in Ethiopia and Eritrea from 1973 to 1976 before establishing CFA. He worked as Africare’s representative in Somalia from 1981 until 1984. He served as Director of Constituency Development at Africare’s Washington headquarters from 1984 to 1994, which resulted in the establishment of CFA. Melvin  Foote took part in several high-level missions to Africa, serving on a White House delegation in 1994 to ascertain the genocide in Rwanda, as the mission’s leader in 1994 to forge a comprehensive peace agreement, on a well-known team in 1998 that decided to seek to put an end to the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea and a member of a Presidential mission to five African nations in 1998 to endorse U.S. trade with Africa and the African Growth and Opportunity Act, as the mission’s leader to forge a comprehensive peace agreement in Sudan in 2001, and the head of a mission sent to South Africa in 2003 to evaluate the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), a continental program to advance economic ties and growth.

Awards and honors

The “Order of the Lion” Award, the highest honor for public service bestowed by the government of Senegal, was given to Melvin Foote in 1998. He also received the Diggs Award for Foreign Affairs from the Congressional Black Caucus’ 2001 Annual Legislative Conference in appreciation of his exceptional dedication to and success in addressing problems and concerns relating to Africa. In addition to being a prolific writer of essays and editorials that are published in newspapers and publications throughout America, Melvin Foote is an often-sought speaker on radio and television.


To put an end to the war that had claimed about ten thousand (10,000) lives, Melvin Foote traveled to Ethiopia and Eritrea in 2010 with a representative of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers which included Hon. John Garamendi, a current California member of congress, the late Michael McCaskey, whose family owns the Chicago Bears NFL team, and Circuit Court Judge Bill Canby. The delegation met with the leaders of both major parties and pushed them to think about a way to peace.

Constituency for Africa (CFA)

Melvin P. Foote. Source:

Melvin P. Foote who is the President and CEO of Constituency for Africa (CFA) has for many years pioneered a widely acclaimed series of Town Hall Meetings on Africa, which have taken place in several cities and towns across the United States. Constituency for Africa (CFA) organizes the Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Annual Legislative Conference, both of which take place in Washington, D.C., in September each year. The series has persevered in offering a particular platform for Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) officials and their staff to connect with entities with an African concentration, African diplomats and government policymakers, and grassroots community leaders.

The Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series was held in mid-September 2020 by Constituency for Africa (CFA), and one session will be of interest to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and prospective recruits. The African American Peace Corps function in the post-pandemic Peace Corps. The collection bears the name of the late Ronald H. Brown, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and US Secretary of Commerce under the Clinton administration.

Along with Dr. Darlene Grant, who was recently hired by the Peace Corps as the Senior Advisor to the President to help with the strategic development and address issues of diversity in the institution, featured presenters scheduled for the event included Congresswoman Karen D. Bass (D-CA), Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and Chair of the House Sub-committee on Africa and Global Health. Sadly, Hon. Bass had to leave for a crucial meeting, but he did attend the meeting on September 18 with Dr. John Nkengasong, the head of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to review a briefing on the COVID-19 outbreak in Africa.

The discussion was timely despite being always pertinent, but it was especially so in light of recent occurrences like the worldwide evacuation of over 7,000 Peace Corps Volunteers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and the resultant Black Lives Matter demonstrations that took place in many different cities across the United States and the rest of the world. As a result of these incidents, issues of racism and diversity have come under scrutiny inside the Peace Corps as well as other branches of the United States government.

The speakers and panelists presented their thoughts and suggestions for policy reforms as the Peace Corps reemerges after the COVID-10 pandemic passes, reviewed strategies for expanding the recruitment of African Americans and other minorities and discussed ways for doing so.

Melvin P. Foote’s Interview in Ghana

On Dominion Television, Melvin P. Foote speaks with Ama K. Abebrese about his career life and journey within the Diaspora. Dominion TV; Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network for Inspired and Empowered Living.

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African Women In Leadership: Rosa Whitaker

Rosa Whitaker is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on African trade, investment and business. Rosa is currently President and CEO of The Whitaker Group (TWG), a leading transaction advisory, investment and project development firm specializing in Africa, which she founded in 2003.  As Vice-Chairwoman of Dominion Television, Rosa leads the operations and management of the network, establishing innovative and sustainable solutions that create economic prosperity while promoting social equity and environmental stewardship.

Let’s dive into her leadership journey:

1- Whose Career Inspired You To Map Out Your Own Path In Leadership?

I was inspired early on by a famous US Congresswoman and civil rights leader named Barbara Jordan.  She was exceptionally amazing and was the most eloquent and impactful speaker I had ever heard.   Her words resonated with power and a force that I didn’t know was possible from the perspective of a young teenager.   She also commanded many “firsts” – including being the first African American woman from the South to be elected to Congress and the first woman to deliver a keynote address at a national convention for a major political party. 

She was a voice for the vulnerable and a fighter for those who were without power.  As a young girl, I would sit in Congressional hearing rooms just to hear her. It helped that we shared the same birthday. She removed the lid of limitations from my life and in no small measure because of her, I never doubted what I could become.

2- Leadership in America vs Leadership in Africa – They Mean Two Different Things More So As A Woman, What Are The Key Differences In Your Field?

In both Africa and in America, there is much diversity in leadership.  I can generally note the traits that I most admire in African leadership and particularly among women.  I admire ability of African woman to surround themselves with supportive communities.  It is natural for an African woman leader to constantly have a large host of family and friends encouraging and supporting her.   Leadership is not as lonely in this regard.   Another distinctive feature I’ve noticed in African leaders is generally an unabashed confession of their faith.  

Faith in Africa is generally not siloed or compartmentalized—faith, particularly among African women, is woven like a tapestry throughout their lives as business, ministry, civil society, home, or political leaders.  Rarely will you see an African woman walk into a board room or political office and leave her faith at home?

I believe that women in America, particularly African American women, have inspired the world through their strength, resilience, and seemingly inexhaustible energy to fight for equality in opportunities and rights.  American women, in my view, generally have an admirable unshakeable  confidence. 

The labor of American women has not been in vain – while there is much more to achieve, the progress of American women, across sectors and socio-economic indicators, has been remarkable.  I believe women in America have helped to lift women around the world.   

3: What Has Been The Most Challenging Leadership Role In Your Life And Why?

Dominion TV certainly represents the most humbling, challenging yet rewarding, and inspiring leadership challenge for me.   It feels like flying the plane while repairing it at the same time.   We are literally taking something that had already started as a ministry media and transforming it into a full-fledged impactful Christian lifestyle tv and multimedia network.  The normal metrics that I would consider for business success are different;

With Dominion TV we are not only looking at viewership, captive eyeballs, advertisements, and revenue. We are looking to change lives and impact the way people live and think.   

We are launching a movement for empowered and inspired living with faith as the fuel.   I am also inspired and challenged every day by the many young talented creatives who work for Dominion TV; we are from different generations and from different places on the planet—our thinking and languages are quite different.   They, however, represent the demographic of Dominion’s audience – young Africans between the ages of 18-40.  In many instances, my team of young content creators is the teachers and I am the student.  

4: What Role Has Faith Played In Your Success As A Leader?

Faith has everything to do with my success as a leader.  I don’t believe for a minute that I could be successful without Christ.   I also know that He has granted me and others success for a reason.  My life is, therefore, devoted to His purpose.  One of my favorite scriptures is Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  This says it all!

5: What Have You Learned In Leadership Over The Years That You Wish You Could Tell The Younger Version Of Yourself To Make The Road Easier?

I would tell my younger self: “find your identity in Christ – know that God has created you in His own image”. Therefore, you have great value and unique gifts. Mute the voice of anyone who would attempt to denigrate you or try to diminish your light and confidence.  I would also tell my young self to have a voracious appetite for learning!  You never know in the future what learning you will need – so learn everything that’s constructive and productive.

But learning means very little if you have bad habits. Address bad habits while you are young. Otherwise, they become huge obstacles when you are older and often at the peak of your potential.  I have seen poor habits sink many talented & smart people. 

Start your day with God in praise and thanksgiving – this is a habit that transforms.   

What If You Could Lead Like God…

Most high school syllabi reveal to students three types of leadership styles. The autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire leadership styles are the most prominent categories of leadership. The autocratic style is dictatorial, democratic leadership gives the decision making power directly to its people or indirectly through representatives. The laissez-faire leadership is hands-off with occasional checks from the leader. Which type of these does God subscribe to? In order to make an informed judgment on what God’s type of leadership may be, we would analyze biblical texts that embody God’s leadership.Read More

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