The Power of Forgiveness in Marriage: How to Keep Love Strong

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.” – Bryant H. McGill (American author)

When there is offense or disagreement in a marriage, we too frequently label our partners as adversaries. Our spouses are never our adversaries. We may win the battles in our marriages and keep love strong if we identify who our true adversaries are. The forces of evil and our flesh are our true enemies. Amid conflict, these enemies frequently go unseen. Our flesh tries to appease itself, but it is unable to appease God.

The apostle Paul in the book of Romans warns us about our flesh. “Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God.” – Romans 8:8 NIV 

All marriages are supposed to fail, according to the forces of darkness. We can fight against the forces of darkness if we are committed to God and our spouses. Satan’s hold on unforgiveness can be lessened more effectively when we identify our enemies.

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It Benefits Us to Forgive

We frequently associate forgiveness with a fuzzy feeling. The truth is that forgiveness is the exact opposite. When we have to forgive someone we are really in love with, it can be rather traumatic seeing as we do not expect them to hurt us. One of the most difficult aspects of marriage is forgiving our partner, especially when they do not feel bad about their wrong. To maintain our mental stability and keep love strong, we must, however, forgive most of the time.

Being able to forgive does not mean that we become completely numb to pain. When we embrace numbness in marriage, our hearts become ice. Not forgetting the offense constitutes forgiveness. Not deciding to inflict the punishment for the offense is forgiveness. When we deliberately work to forgive our spouses when it is required, we will not only enjoy its benefits in our marriage but also provide a good example for others who have not yet tied the knot. However, marriage is an institution and should be treated with respect.

How True Forgiveness Works

We most likely have acquired an understanding of what true forgiveness is through numerous betrayals. When we choose to hold fast to our refusal to forgive, we refer to the world’s standards for marriage as a slap in the face to God. God refers to it as unforgiveness. The only biblical sin for which there is no forgiveness is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

True forgiveness comes in three forms. Allowing a person to be pardoned and waiving their punishment is forgiveness. Anger and resentment must be put to rest to forgive. Finally, being able to forgive is a choice.  God endowed every one of us with free will. Despite being straightforward, these definitions have the strength to undermine the grip of unforgiveness.

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Navigating Relationships as a Christian: Tips and Advice

Our relationships should rank among the most crucial aspects of our lives as Christians. God has commanded us to love Him above all else. However, He has told us that loving other people is the second most crucial aspect of our life.

“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” – Matthew 22:36-40

As a result, we should place a high value on our interpersonal relationships. Certain biblical concepts can support us in developing stronger bonds with the people we love, whether we are dating or married. When discussing such a broad subject as how a Christian should navigate relationships, countless things might be stated. Three of them are listed below.

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  • Our treatment of our spouses is a reflection of how we respect God

Actually, it is not about them. God is the center of everything. Even when we do not show people the proper love, our connection with God ultimately determines why we do not. People will not be able to love and serve us properly if our walk with God is not going well, just as we will not be able to do so without being connected to Christ. Due to our rich, regular contact with God, who is love, we are able to provide magnificent examples of selfless love to others. However, in order to spend more time focused on God, we must spend less time focusing on other people. Therefore, we must support it because if we put God above them, we will be able to love them more effectively in the long term.

  • Ask questions and pay attention more

Our ability to communicate effectively will directly affect the quality of our relationships. Most of us have a little issue filling the air with our own words and fears. To genuinely hear and comprehend what others are going through is difficult for us. Therefore, we must make sure to listen intently and ask thoughtful questions if we want to truly make our partners feel our love. The Lord hears us, and if we want to love our spouses properly and have wonderful relationships, we need to slow down and genuinely listen to what they have to say.

  • We should avoid making our significant other an extension of ourselves

Making individuals we are in a relationship with into our own image is another immoral inclination we as people have. When a husband-and-wife quarrel, occasionally one of them is right and the other is wrong, however, most of the time the disagreement is just an attempt to project their image onto the other person. We frequently believe that our personality traits, preferences, and aspirations are correct. The majority of church divisions are not caused by doctrinal disagreements but rather by individual preferences and a refusal to consider alternative viewpoints. If we care for someone, we should want them to look more and more like Jesus.

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Why Men Tell Necessary Lies and Women Wear Makeup

“Men are liars. We will lie about lying if we have to. I am an algebra liar. I figure two good lies make a positive.” – Tim Allen (American actor and comedian)

Disclaimer: This article does not advocate for men to tell lies; rather, it presents certain facts based on research.

The most important aspect of a relationship for most women is trust. Most of their relationship’s problems will vanish if women can entirely trust men. Given this, when asked what qualities they are searching for in men, the majority of women would say that honesty comes to mind first, followed by humor. The harsh reality is that men do lie occasionally, and they refer to these lies as necessary lies. Women frequently ask why men lie, yet it is what it is.

On the other hand, a lie is an assertion that is believed to be false and is often made to mislead someone. Depending on who uses them, lies may be used for several situational, functional, or psychological purposes. For the purpose of this article, however, certain lies by men are not told to deceive in the traditional sense.

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According to research, men will continue to pursue women they like even after they decline their advances. They would rather put their best foot forward and return more powerful. When they understand what appeals to women, they discover that being moved by what they hear is at the top of the list. Men, as a result, do everything they can to say pleasant things—even necessary lies—to the women they already have or the women they want to keep on their side of the relationship.

It Is Safe, However, To Say Men Tell Necessary Lies Because Women Are Moved By What They Hear.

Furthermore, there are other reasons women wear makeup besides looking and feeling good, which is not as bad a motive as some may assume. 

Owing to the fact that men are moved by what they see, they always desire to keep women who always appear physically attractive to themselves. As a result, men become more confident in themselves as the physical attractive nature of their women boosts their ego. Men are moved by what they see just as much as women are moved by what they hear, thus it is not sinful for men to desire attractive women.

It Is Safe, However, To Say Women Wear Makeup Because Men Are Moved By What They See.

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Understanding The 5 Love Languages

“Love does not erase the past, but it makes the future different.” – Gary Chapman

Love is a wonderful thing that can result in many different sorts of relationships. Although no relationship is perfect, understanding the five different ways to communicate love may help people in all kinds of relationships.

Love language is not like any other verbal language that students study in class. The phrase describes the various ways in which people express and receive love throughout their lives. This includes romantic love, but it may also have an impact on how we choose to give and receive love in friendships and other relationships.

Everyone has a unique perspective on how to show love to people around them, and couples are no exception. To ensure that they are speaking the same language of love, they need to establish balance and harmony given their personality and styles.

Do you need assistance identifying your preferred method of communication for receiving love? The five love languages are discussed in more detail below.


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Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are used to show affection by praising or appreciating someone. When this is a person’s dominant love language, they value encouragement and sweet words.  By giving them praise or highlighting their accomplishments, you can brighten their day.

Quality Time

A person who uses this love language desires a complete focus. If you pay attention to them when you are with them, they will feel your affection. This entails putting down your phone, addressing the person directly, and paying attention.

Physical Touch

A person who uses physical contact as their preferred form of communication experiences love through physical affection. When their partner gives them a massage at the end of the day or holds their hand, for instance, they feel appreciated. This person just wants to be physically near to their spouse; thus, their concept of the ideal date can be cuddling on the couch.


Gift-giving is a sign of love and affection for someone who uses and understands this love language. They value the gift itself as much as the time and effort the giver invested in it.

Acts of Service

Acts of service are kind deeds one performs for their partner to make them feel loved and valued. Among other things, some of these actions include picking up the laundry and assisting in the kitchen.

Advantages of Love Languages

Given the genius of the concept of love languages, it may be quite beneficial for both sides of a relationship to understand each other’s love languages. They can assist in the ways listed below.

  • Increases understanding

Talk about your partner’s love languages to truly grasp what they require rather than worrying about whether you are meeting their needs. Understanding how to communicate and express your love helps to prevent misunderstandings in relationships. The ability of your spouse to understand your different love languages is another advantage.

  • Enhances communication

If people know how to give and receive love, they may build healthier relationships with more communication. For instance, if a person is aware that they require words of affirmation and physical touch to feel loved, they can tell their spouse, strengthening the bond between them.

  • Strengthens the connection

Reciprocity is necessary for relationships to be fulfilling and long-lasting. That implies that there must be an exchange of both physical and emotional energy. Understanding one another’s love languages helps people decide what they need to give and what they want to receive. They are beneficial in that they offer a base from which couples can learn more about one another and themselves.

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Love and Sustenance

Although there are many different kinds of long-distance relationships, most research in the domains of communication and relational studies has concentrated on it, with a primary focus on relationship preservation. In certain studies on long-distance connections, the effects of separation on well-being are taken into account.

An intimate relationship between partners who are physically apart from one another is referred to as a long-distance relationship. Geographical distance and a lack of in-person touch are challenges in this kind of relationship.

There is a limited opportunity for physical interaction between people in long-distance relationships, and there is a need to make up for that lapse because of this. Constant conversation, however, fills this communication gap as the use of technology has simplified this process. The measures one can take to maintain a long-distance relationship are listed below.

Photo source: Anna Pou

  • Show genuine concern

Communication should not be confused with concern. Instead, it is one of the goals that communication is intended to achieve. People communicate for a variety of reasons, not all of which are related to concern. Some of the reasons include making a request, demanding attention, and expressing satisfaction, among others. The emotion of worry or anxiety about a certain situation that another person is going through is consequently defined as concern. One is motivated by this emotion to reach out to the other person as effectively as possible. Communication and assistance are two ways to express concern. Concern, however, deepens the emotional connection between spouses regardless of how it is expressed.
  • Surprises and presents

Like magic, surprises and gifts bring out the best in everything. This is not merely a result of peoples’ love of gifting. To convey affection and concern, it goes a little beyond. When one expresses love by giving and receiving surprises, it shows how invested they are in the relationship. The other side remains devoted and enthusiastic thanks to that one assurance.

  • At all times, be truthful

It is best to express emotions like worry, insecurity, and jealousy to other people. A long-distance relationship cannot be sustained by trying to keep things from the other person.

  • Visit each other when possible

In any long-distance relationship, visits are the high point since they allow the couple to finally be together and catch up on all the time they have missed apart. This one action forges a solid connection and is good for the relationship.

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After You Say ‘I Do’ | A Husband’s Edition

“No disease is more dangerous than a bad husband, for if a woman catches that pox, she will languish from it her entire life.” – Sabrina Jeffries (American author)


It may not be as obvious as it may sound, but a husband’s duties include protecting, providing for, and loving his wife. A husband and wife deal with a lot of difficulties. The ups and downs of a journey of togetherness are inevitable, and a husband’s obligation to his wife and family is to share all the burdens. When two people decide to get married, their marriage endures both happy and difficult moments for the rest of their lives.

A husband, however, is a man who is married to another person; a male spouse.

We will learn about the various responsibilities a husband has in this article, as well as how to set priorities to make life easier for the whole family.

Photo source: Kindel Media

  • A leader

Controlling the house comes naturally to a leader. Everything and all thoughts flow naturally. The three pillars of a good leader are knowledge, action, and example, but it is best to avoid being a dictator.

  • Takes care of his wife

The main duty of a husband is to defend his wife from all threats and aggression, both physical and psychological. For a wife to feel secure, she must be taken care of or protected.

  • Unwavering love

Making sure the wife is emotionally pleased is the finest way to demonstrate unconditional love. Assure her, express unconditional love and respect for her, and demonstrate these feelings through daily actions.

  • Meets the needs of the house

It is necessary to meet the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothes. Additionally, as a woman will have different demands at different phases of her life, a husband should ascertain if she has any additional needs and addresses them.

  • Enjoys some alone time

A good husband spends time with his wife, taking her out, communicating with her, and learning about her hopes and goals in addition to providing for the family.


Husbands have important and varied roles in marriage and in raising families. Being a husband involves a lot of effort, tolerance, and unwavering devotion. A spouse should ideally be available for his family, taking care of their needs while also striking a good balance between work and family. It is advisable to put in a lot of effort as it will manifest in the home.


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Are You in An Abusive Relationship?

Abuse in a relationship can take many forms, including physical, sexual, emotional, or all three, but it always involves aggression, contempt, cruelty, injury, or force.

Abuse, in whatever form, has a tremendous impact on one’s emotional stability, and because emotional health is so crucial to one’s well-being, it is critical to recognize the signs of an abusive partner and avoid them while guarding your heart.

“Above all else, guard your heart,” Proverbs 4:23 says, “because everything you do flows from it.” By guarding your heart, you end up taking care of yourself and obeying the Word of God, which in turn enables you to be discerning of dangerous associations rather than always looking for faults in yourself to justify the other party’s behavior. Here are some indicators that you may be in an abusive relationship.


An abusive partner ridicules you in front of others, insults and calls you names, never respects your requests, and dismisses your viewpoint. While disrespect can take many forms, including physical, sexual, and mental abuse, it is vital to remember that you can only be treated in a certain way if you allow it to happen. While there could be times when you can only control so much, do ensure that you speak up when disrespected and maintain your assertiveness.


One of the most fundamental cornerstones in any great relationship is trust. A spouse who does not respect you enough to always tell you the truth is likely to abuse and gaslight you.

Isolating you from loved ones

Isolation is key tactic abusers use to make sure other people do not realize their victims are being abused. They do not necessarily need to use threats or violence to keep you at home.

“The abuser discourages contact with others in subtle and manipulative ways, preventing loved ones from being able to detect changes in mood or well-being,” Genovese says.

Controlling behavior

An abuser may try to keep you under control by restricting your freedom to leave the house, seizing control of your funds, and monitoring your online activity, to name a few. This may start small, such as constantly calling or texting you when you are away from them, but it can escalate quickly.

Physical and, or sexual abuse

A physically abusive partner may attack you at any time, resulting in emotional and mental instability or even death, while a sexually abusive partner may force you to have sex, resulting in long-term health difficulties.

Given this, you should avoid the effects of abuse by saying no to abusers and seek professional help if you find yourself in such a situation, keeping in mind that your mental health is crucial to your growth. Abuse is not a form of power, therefore do not support it. If you know of an abuser, speak to a professional about it in the hopes that they too can get help. Oftentimes, abusers struggle with unmet needs which can be addressed clinically.

Above all else, prayerfully think through every association, especially romantic associations and do not entangle yourself with anyone who hinders your ability to grow in Christ.

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Spiritual Intimacy During Dating

Dating can be a beautiful experience when it is with the right person. Two strangers can spark a wonderful connection that would last a life time. This wonderful connection doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of time and nurturing to cultivate the purest form of love towards your significant other.

A Place For Physical Attraction

Let’s not try to discount the importance of physical attraction in romantic relationships. Being physically attracted to someone you’re in a relationship with is highly recommended. It is not shallow to value physical attraction as a critical factor in deciding who you’re going to be in a relationship with.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having physical criteria for those you would desire to be in romantic relationships with. If your intention for dating is to find someone you would spend the rest of your life with, then searching for someone who is aesthetically pleasing to your eye, is important.

More Than Physical

The concept of attraction for a long-lasting relationship must transcend physicality. Every human is spirit, soul, and body therefore focusing on just physical attraction in dating would be detrimental in the long run. As humans are tripartite beings, it means we should expect that all aspects of our being(spirit, soul, and body) must have a role to play in our dating life. Though I submitted that physical attraction is important, we cannot rely on it as the sole factor in deciding who to date.

Spiritual Intimacy

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 2Corinthians 6:14

As a Christian, it is imperative that whoever you’re in a relationship with would have the same beliefs as you. Being spiritually intimate requires that both parties hold the same faith. You and your partner must be Christian in order to maximize spiritual intimacy. The more you engage in spiritual activity with your partner, the more spiritually intimate you become.

Pray Together

Prayer is communication with God therefore it is a spiritual exercise. The more we pray, the closer we get to Him, and the better we’re able to deal with life’s challenges. One way to be spiritually intimate with your partner is to pray with him or her. When the two of you join hands to communicate with God, your relationship is strengthened. When you have issues in your relationship, praying through them together is a healthy way of finding solutions.

Study The Word Together

It is a beautiful sight to see couples discussing and delving deeply into God’s word together. Whiles couples strive to get to know each other better, they should also strive to know God together. Knowing God together will increase their mutual love and respect. Couples are supposed to draw closer to God and their love will grow. When they put everything in God’s hand, God’s hand will be upon them.

Five Bible Verses To Text Your Partner on Val’s Day

Love is probably the hardest thing to define with words but it is unlikely that there’s a person residing on earth who has not experienced it. There is no special day designed by God to show love but we know very well what valentine’s day has come to meet our generation. We’re a few days away from Val’s day 2021 and we have a gift for you! Wondering what to text your partner for Val’s day? We’ve got you covered. The bible has some of the most romantic verses you can find. Yes! You heard right! Today’s Val’s day messages are coming to you straight from God’s word

Songs of Songs 2:16:  My beloved is mine and I am his; he browses among the lilies

Everyone needs words of affirmation from time to time and that includes your partner. Sometimes our partners may doubt that we love them and our words can be the assurance they need. Telling your beloved that he is yours and you are his would help clear any doubts he has about your love for him.

Songs of Songs 4:10: How delightful is your love, my sister, my bride! How much more pleasing is your love than wine, and the fragrance of your perfume more than any spice!

“My sister, my bride.” It is a beautiful thing for your bride to be like a sister to you. Sending her this message signifies closeness. It shows that you are supposed to perceive your partner as family.  Sending her this tells her that just as wine is refreshing to the body, she is refreshing to your soul.

 Songs of Songs 4:9 You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride; you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace

They say all is fair in love and war therefore in the love business, theft is legal. This is a wonderful way of telling your beloved that she has waltzed her way into your heart. Submitting that your bride has stolen your heart with a jewel of her necklace compliments her fashion sense. Women like to be told they have a great fashion sense. Texting her this on Val’s day will boost her confidence and keep her beaming with smiles.

Songs of Songs 8:7 Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned.

This particular verse is very lyrical. It could so easily fit into a love song in contemporary times. Love and poetry are complementary and a little bit of poetic grace from the bible would definitely not hurt. Show off some lyricism to your partner as you celebrate the festival of love.

Proverbs 31:10 A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies

Appreciate your virtuous wife with this scripture. Just as rubies are rare, it is not common to find a woman who has great character. You have to appreciate your partner for all her hard work and sacrifices to make the relationship work. Relationships require effort from the parties involved and it feels amazing when to be appreciated by your partner for it.

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