“No disease is more dangerous than a bad husband, for if a woman catches that pox, she will languish from it her entire life.” – Sabrina Jeffries (American author)


It may not be as obvious as it may sound, but a husband’s duties include protecting, providing for, and loving his wife. A husband and wife deal with a lot of difficulties. The ups and downs of a journey of togetherness are inevitable, and a husband’s obligation to his wife and family is to share all the burdens. When two people decide to get married, their marriage endures both happy and difficult moments for the rest of their lives.

A husband, however, is a man who is married to another person; a male spouse.

We will learn about the various responsibilities a husband has in this article, as well as how to set priorities to make life easier for the whole family.

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  • A leader

Controlling the house comes naturally to a leader. Everything and all thoughts flow naturally. The three pillars of a good leader are knowledge, action, and example, but it is best to avoid being a dictator.

  • Takes care of his wife

The main duty of a husband is to defend his wife from all threats and aggression, both physical and psychological. For a wife to feel secure, she must be taken care of or protected.

  • Unwavering love

Making sure the wife is emotionally pleased is the finest way to demonstrate unconditional love. Assure her, express unconditional love and respect for her, and demonstrate these feelings through daily actions.

  • Meets the needs of the house

It is necessary to meet the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothes. Additionally, as a woman will have different demands at different phases of her life, a husband should ascertain if she has any additional needs and addresses them.

  • Enjoys some alone time

A good husband spends time with his wife, taking her out, communicating with her, and learning about her hopes and goals in addition to providing for the family.


Husbands have important and varied roles in marriage and in raising families. Being a husband involves a lot of effort, tolerance, and unwavering devotion. A spouse should ideally be available for his family, taking care of their needs while also striking a good balance between work and family. It is advisable to put in a lot of effort as it will manifest in the home.


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