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Accessing Africa’s 700 Million Christian Market

Africa is set to become the pivot of Christianity in the next five decades. It is home to the world’s largest Christian community boasting 700 million faithful hearts.
According to the Pew Research Centre, this number will cross 1 billion in 2050, marking a 112% surge from 517 million in 2010. By 2060, countries on the continent will account for six of the top ten countries globally with the highest number of Christians.

On 13th October, Dominion TV hosted an audience of Ghanaian advertising agencies and market influencers to present their findings, “The 700 Million Christian Market” at Ecobank Head Office in Accra, Ghana with keynote speaker Dr. Juliete Ehimuan, Africa’s iconic digital technology guru and former inaugural Director of Google West Africa.

Dr. Loretta Sarpong of EcoBank and Papa Ako-Addo of DSTV made welcome remarks. The event witnessed the launch of Dominion TV’s bloc of children’s programming called “Proudly Me TV,” aimed at cultivating Godly values, development and self-worth in children of African descent was announced as well as a feature film”A Taste of Sin” produced by the network,featuring an all-star Ghanaian and Nigerian cast, including Jackie Appiah, James Gardiner and Majid Michel.

Dominion TV was founded by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams in 2014. Transitioning from a Ghanaian ministry media network to a Pan-African commercial Christian media house in 2017 with an investment from The Whitaker Group.

Going beyond traditional Christian programming, Dominion TV’s diversified content features films, sports, fashion, food, entertainment, documentaries, finances, health to promote “inspired and empowered living. Christians in Africa are more than a religious bloc, they represent a diverse base of largely young men, women, and children who collectively form the continent’s largest affinity group.

How much really is known about their market potential?

“Data-driven insights have been sparse, this is why we undertook a qualitative and anecdotal study to learn about this expanding demographic”, said Rosa Whitaker, Dominion TV’s President and Vice Chair. Understanding the attributes of the Christian consumer market will help a range of service providers tailor offerings that better serve them. However, understanding the market is only a first step — successfully accessing it requires a platform.

“We’ve been diligently expanding our presence within the Christian audience, driven by our longstanding engagement, consumer surveys, and viewership patterns. This is a huge market that has been hidden in plain sight and we are demystifying it,” said Tracy Malone, Dominion TV’s General Manager. Dominion TV can be accessed around the clock in 48 African countries on DSTV (Channel 352), GOtv (Channel 213), and digitally.

Keep watching Dominion TV on Dstv CH 352 and GOtv CH 167 for more inspiring and empowering content. You can also follow the station’s social media handle @mydominiontv on all social platforms. 

A Taste of Sin Movie Records Massive Turnout at Cinemas 

The premiere of A Taste of Sin, currently Accra’s number 1 movie took place on the 7th of April at Silverbird Cinemas in Accra, and on the 8th of April at the Golden Eagle Cinema, Kumasi.

The movie premiere was a resounding success, with a massive turnout at cinemas, selling out almost all its tickets before the premiere. A Taste of Sin, which tells the story of faith and redemption, was eagerly anticipated by Ghanaian movie lovers and Christians alike.

In attendance were the star-studded cast members; Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, Roselyn Ngissah, Kalsoume Sinare, James Gardiner, Sonia Ibrahim, Eze One, and Akosua Adjepong. Also in attendance was his eminence the Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams in the company of his wife Rosa Whitaker. The General Manager of Dominion TV together with the producer and director of the movie; Samira Yakubu and Frank Rajah also graced the event. 

The red carpet event was a sight to behold, with attendees dressed to impress and eager to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. The Kumasi turnout for instance was a historic one as fans flocked from all corners of the city, eager to indulge in the presence of their favorite cast. 

A Blessing to the Ghanaian Film Community

Akosua Adjepong who plays Majid Michel’s mother in the movie expressed her excitement about the movie and the heartwarming turn-out, especially in Kumasi. “It was a wonderful experience coming to Kumasi and sharing the movie with the Kumasi audience and more is coming their way. People came up and said this was one of the best Christian movies they ever watches”, she said. 

Sonia Ibrahim who also plays the critical role of Anita in the movie expressed how wonderful of an experience it was, especially working alongside the Archbishop himself, describing the entire ordeal as a blessing. “I think this is a wonderful experience for all of us. It was a blessing being part of something with an Archbishop. I am hopeful that we see more of this” – Sonia Ibrahim 

The attending fans not only took time to watch the movie and interact with their favorite actors but gave their two cents on the movie as well, acknowledging how edifying it had been. Patience; an attendee from Kumasi described how the movie helped her love her husband more and shed light on the importance of staying beside him through thick and thin. 

“The movie exceeded my expectations and I am amazed. The message was humbling for me. The message is timely because they brought up issues that we see today and we have learned a lot. As a married woman, I have learned to stand by my husband in times of trouble. I am taking home a really valuable lesson today” said Patience. 

Nick, who was also in attendance at Kumasi was particularly amazed by the movie’s thematic representation of faith. The lead character; Pastor Teddy, who was played by James Gardiner was a figure of admiration for Nick. “The faith factor was so important in the movie. Sometimes we go through trials and give up. But this is a man who fought to the end and God saw him through it all. So the faith factor was very strong. These movies empower us as we go about our daily Christian lives. Thumbs up to Dominion TV. We want more and more and more from Dominion TV. – Nick. 

Preaching the Gospel through Film Across Africa

The success of Accra’s number-one Christian movie premiere is a testament to the growing appetite for Christian-themed movies in Ghana and across Africa. As more filmmakers explore this genre, we can expect to see more powerful stories of faith and redemption that will inspire and uplift audiences.

“You don’t only have to listen to the gospel through the pulpit. As filmmakers, we preach the gospel through our filmmaking and storytelling. I am happy about this and I believe there is more coming”. These were Jackie Appiah’s words when asked about whether the Ghanaian community should expect more, especially those within the Christian faith. 

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams who made a cameo appearance in the movie expressed being immensely moved by the movie, to the point of tears. “The movie touched me, and to be honest, I was crying. I just could not hold my tears. The movie was moving, and emotional, it spoke volumes. It showed the power of temptation and nobody can assume that as long as you are in this flesh, you are above temptation” – Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

“We want to use movies to tell the story of redemption and to let people know the love of God, His power, compassion, and mercies” He added. 

“There is a lot more in store for Dominion TV. The vision we had when we started Dominion TV was for inspired and empowered living through Christ and there are so many ways to tell that story. We are making strides and changing lives and are coming out with a whole new children’s block of programming. We are so grateful for tonight. We are looking at the best of the best actors in Ghana who put their hearts into this. It was a genius move that brought a lot of life to the world” Added Rosa Whitaker who is also the President of Dominion TV.

“A Taste of Sin” – a Dominion TV production in collaboration with Sami’s Media, is an enthralling story that explores the power of faith, forgiveness and hope through the lives of two pastors intertwine- one tempted by a shortcut to success, and the other facing unimaginable trials in his marriage. As they navigate these challenges, they grapple with fidelity, temptation, and their own beliefs. The movie stars some of Ghana’s star-studded award-winning cast; Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, James Gardiner, Abena Akuaba, and a debut cameo appearance by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. The production values are top-notch, with beautiful cinematography, stunning visuals, and a moving musical score that perfectly captures the emotions of the story.

A Taste of Sin is currently the number one movie across select Cinemas in Accra, attracting massive attention within the country and beyond. A Taste of Sin will still be showing until the 20th of April 2023 at Silverbird Cinemas in Accra Mall and WestHills Mall at 7 pm and 9:30 pm, as well as the Golden Eagle Cinema at Kumasi City Mall at 7 pm and 9 pm. Tickets can be purchased at the venue. 

Keep watching Dominion TV on Dstv CH 352 and GOtv CH 167 for more inspiring and empowering content. You can also follow the station’s social media handle @mydominiontv on all social platforms. 

A Fight Between a Believer and Breast Cancer | Who Wins the Battle?

“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” – John Diamond (Journalist and broadcaster)

A disruption of structure or function in a person, an animal, or a plant is referred to as a disease, particularly when it has a known cause and a recognizable group of symptoms, signs, or structural changes. Let us, however, examine one of these that has an impact on people for the sake of this article. To grow unaffected by any disease is one of every woman’s silent prayers.

Breast cancer is one such illness that every woman dreads. Breast cancer is a condition in which the breast cells develop out of control. It comes in several forms and can start at several points across the breast; the type it develops depends on which breast cells do so. Either through lymph or blood vessels, the disease can spread outside of the breast. The disease is said to have metastasized when it spreads to other body regions.

Photo source: Darina Belonogova

How It Started

Maame Yaa, who was 48 years old at the time, described how the symptoms began as a boil on her left breast in 2009. She visited Ketu South Municipal Hospital in Aflao after a few days, where she was admitted and discharged after three weeks. Six months later, she discovered blood flowing from her nipple when she woke up one day and instantly felt a lump in her breast. She immediately returned to the hospital, where she got treatment through the remainder of that year and into the following year, 2010. It was there she was diagnosed with breast cancer by Dr. Asare.  She received a call from her brother while she was in the hospital, informing her about a specialist at the 37 Military Hospital. Dr. Asare then referred her to Dr. Nabil Nuamah at 37. 

“My family and friends who knew of my predicament did not leave my side. They supported me financially, emotionally, and spiritually.” – Maame Yaa

Photo source: Klaus Nielsen

Upon her arrival at the 37 Military Hospital, Dr. Nabil Nuamah took her to a private facility for a biopsy, where it was determined that her breast needed to be cut. Maame Yaa visited 37 once more 威而鋼
to schedule a surgical appointment. Although she was aware of the high number of breast cancer fatalities, she maintained hope throughout these trying times as, in her opinion, she heeded and strictly adhered to the doctor’s advice.

“My counsel to anyone going through a similar situation is to listen to their doctor’s advice, adhere to God, and hope for the best.” – Breast Cancer Survivor

Maame Yaa’s Chemotherapy Journey

She underwent surgery on September 30, 2010, her left breast was removed (mastectomy), and then she was admitted for two months. When she returned to the hospital for her first review, she was informed she had to go through chemotherapy which would cause her to lose her hair. Maame Yaa stated that she underwent chemotherapy for six months, and the process involved monthly injections. She continued by saying that there was a time in a month she attended the session and could not drink water after. She remarked that this was the only nightmare she had over the entire period since, in her opinion, if she had gone an extended period without drinking any water, something bad would have happened.

“I did not inform my only daughter and child of my situation then, because she was still a young girl in Senior High School. She loves me a great deal, so I did not want her to go through that pain. I knew I would get better eventually because my God was, is, and will forever remain a miracle-working God.” – Maame Yaa

She returned to 37 for an X-Ray in 2011 many weeks following the chemotherapy. She was discovered to be cancer-cell-free right there and then. Given that Maame Yaa had survived the horrible disease that had claimed many other women’s lives, it was a time of unending joy for her. She eventually won the battle against cancer. She was thankful to God for allowing her to successfully go through the process despite losing her left breast.

The advice from the beautiful vibrant woman, Maame Yaa, to all women going through similar situations is to follow their doctor’s instructions while clinging to God, because in her own words, “God can and will do all things to the glory of His Name”.

Photo source: Tara Winstead

Join the conversation and share your story about breast cancer. Leave your comments below and share this article to spread awareness. Keep watching Dominion TV on DStv channel 352 and GOtv channel 168 for more informative content. Follow our social media handles for updates on breast cancer and other health-related issues. Let’s work together to fight breast cancer!
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The Transformation Show

‘The Transformation Show’ is an additional program among the many others that are shown on Dominion TV. In this show, we learn about the biographies, childhoods, and growing up of well-known members of society. All those who, for whatever reason, have lost hope and given up on their goals in life are intended to find hope in the show.

The first edition of the show features Dr. Lanre Olusola, a broadcaster, relationship, and life harmony coach, who discusses his life and all the factors that have influenced it. He is regarded as Africa’s top cognitive behavioral psychologist and life coach. At the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy, he serves as the Chief Catalyst (OLCA). Dr. Lanre Olusola is well known as the Chief Catalyst. He is also the Executive Director of Ebony Life TV and a published author.

Born on August 30, 1962, in Ekiti State, Nigeria, to the late Christopher and Caroline Kupoluyi, Lanre Olusola was given the name Olanrewaju Christopher Olusola at birth. While he was raised in Ekiti State, he attended school elsewhere.

To find out more about the life of Dr. Lanre Olusola, kindly stay tuned to Dominion TV on DStv channel 352 and GOtv channel 168 as The Transformation Show premieres on Saturday, 25 February 2023 at 8 pm.

Dominion TV, Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network for Inspired and Empowered Living.

What A New Year Symbolizes | Be Intentional

“Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginnings.” – Jonathan Lockwood (American voice actor)

As time has gone by, we have advanced toward the start of a new era. Numerous things are brought about by a new year. A whole new year can signal the start of fresh life, happiness, or a second chance for some people. As the year has come to a close, we probably mean to start afresh with everything, however by the end of the first few months, practically everyone is back to their old ways.

We begin each year to improve our lives, but as time passes, we lose sight of our original goals and revert to our former ways of living. It is imperative to keep in mind that a new year ushers in a new cycle of 12 months, signifying that change is the only constant in life. In light of this, we should strive to let go of things that do not add value to our lives and avoid holding onto them for an extended period as sometimes change is beneficial for us. A new year represents many diverse things in addition to the message of evolving perspectives, including:

Photo source: Jill Wellington

  • New Opportunities

We have many opportunities in the new year. Opportunities to learn something new, and accomplish something new, however, come to those who seize them rather than those who wait for them.

  • A New Beginning

A year ends and a new one begins. It conveys the idea of a new beginning as it fades away the darkness of our life and makes our life bright. Giving ourselves a second chance to try something we desire but was not working out is excellent. Though our past may not be in our favor, a fresh start will unquestionably put the future on our side. We must deliberately allow our past to improve us rather than make us resentful.

  • Time Of Awakening

Happiness is born in our hearts when the pain in our lives fades with each passing year. It is up to us to consciously cherish what brings us happiness. Nothing will make us happy unless we decide to be happy since happiness is a choice, not an outcome. Let us, therefore, make a conscious effort to be happy.

Let us be intentional about creating a difference in this new year while keeping in mind the aforementioned characteristics that a new year symbolizes.

Kindly share this article with family and friends. Leave any messages you may have in the comments below.
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IMPACT 2022 Comes to a Close

From the start of the year’s IMPACT to the finish, there were several occasions for healing, sharing testimony, and having a great time in God’s presence.

All who arrived with high hopes were blessed by the lineup of woman and men of God who took turns ministering to the thousands of attendees at the event. It is safe to conclude that these anointed ministers of God were carefully chosen by the Apostle of strategic prayer, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

As on the other days of IMPACT 2022, there were numerous instrumental performances on the last day. A song ministration by the spirit-filled Voices of Triumph (VoT), psalmist Jonathan Rubain and Shadare Agboola, and a dance performance by Youth in Action were among these acts.

From left: Mrs. Rosa Whitaker Duncan-Williams, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

From the many lovely performances was a stunning musical performance by Lady Elsie Duncan-Williams Otoo, which began with a skit about her labor experience. She described how God came through for her and her child in a life-threatening scenario even though she had lost all of her strength and appeared to be lost and weary.

Along with other numerous anointed men of God, Rev. Eastwood Anaba, Prophet A. Agyeman Prempeh, and Rev. Dr. Robert Ampiah-Kwofi were present to help bridge the gap in spirituality through impartation, where the men of God placed their hands on each and every of the convention’s attendee on the final day.

Bishop Ebenezer Obodai delivered the closing remarks on behalf of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, bringing IMPACT 2022 to a formal close.

Were you a participant in this year’s IMPACT? God bless you and looking forward to seeing you next year for another great impact. If you did not partake, follow us on all our socials to keep you posted on IMPACT 2023. Leave any messages you may have in the comments below.

Dominion TV, Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network for Inspired and Empowered Living.

IMPACT 2022 | What the Masses Are Expecting

IMPACT, the annual convention held at the Action Chapel International, Prayer Cathedral premises, which began this year’s encounter on the 27th of November, has seen thousands of people trooping in from all over the world in excitement and with various expectations. Indeed, God has, in the past few days of the convention used His servants to fulfill the expectations of His people in many ways.

So far, so good. Curses have been lifted, the sick have been restored, and prophecies have been given. Many people have benefited from the ministry and influence of Apostle Francina Norman, Pastor Jerry Eze, and Prophet A. Agyeman Prempeh, and even more, are waiting on God to use and bless them.

Here are some of the attendees’ expectations from the convention.


Photo of Edward Gidi on day 3 of IMPACT 2022.

This is Edward Gidi, and for IMPACT 2022, he hopes to encounter God’s presence and experience a breakthrough in all facets of his life. Edward expressed his specific excitement at being a part of this wonderful experience.


Photo of Eunice at IMPACT 2022.

Eunice, who strives to follow the way of Christ every day, is also hoping for a great miracle from God. She emphasized that she needed a miracle that will not only happen but will in itself also preach about God’s favor and love.


Photo of Pastor Albert Jenkins on day 3 of IMPACT 2022.

Pastor Albert Jenkins hopes that by the end of IMPACT 2022, he will not be the same. He added that he not only knows but has seen and heard of the wonders of God, and trusts that God is yet to perform many wonderful things in this year’s encounter.



Photo of Christmas at IMPACT 2022.

Christmas anticipates a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit, together with other participants in the convention. He believes that those who hope and pray can receive more and better things from God.


Photo of Chelsea, Abena, and Abigail on day 3 of IMPACT 2022.

The experience did not exclude friends. The hopes of Chelsea, Abena, and Abigail are the favor of God, to get to know Him more, to be blessed, and to have a great time even while He utilizes them in various ways.


Photo of Deladem Banini at IMPACT 2022.

First-time IMPACT participant, Deladem Banini, expects God to move mountains in her life and for her to enjoy spending time in His presence. She concluded by saying that she was leaving God the blank sheet. 

Are you believing God for a miracle in your life? Join IMPACT 2022 and expect God to do for you just as He is doing for others. Leave any messages you may have in the comments below.

Dominion TV, Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network for Inspired and Empowered Living.



Over the years, God has used His servant, the Apostle of strategic prayer, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams to bless Ghanaians and several nations through conventions like IMPACT. Just like in years past, IMPACT promises to be bigger and even better this year. Resulting from the fact that God mightily uses His servants from different parts of the world to bless His people, the convention is the most anticipated of its kind. This year it runs from November 27 until December 4, with ‘Bridging The Gap’ as its theme.

A photo of the youth in worship at IMPACT 2022.

The first day of the annual convention saw the opening of IMPACT 2022 by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, which started with the 100 Days Global Prayer led by Prophet Prince Elisha, followed by a powerful song ministration by the Voices of Triumph (VOT) choir and MC Korku Lumor’s introduction of prominent figures in the likes of the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, H.E Dr. Jewel Cianeh Howard Taylor, team members of Apostle Francina Norman, and team members of Bishop Gregory Toussaint, among other equally prominent leaders.

While the audience waited for Apostle Francina Norman to take the stage for the evening’s session, a series of song ministrations took place, featuring musical and choral performances.


“What you have lost is nothing compared to what is about to happen to you right now” – Apostle Francina Norman

IMPACT 2022, day 1 ended with a closing prayer led by Bishop Kibby Otoo.

Are you anticipating God’s manifestation in this year’s IMPACT? Follow Dominion TV on all of our social media platforms to stay updated and watch the live broadcast or tune in to Dominion TV on DStv channel 352 and GOtv channel 168.

Dominion TV, Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network for Inspired and Empowered Living.

“Human Nature” Premieres on Dominion TV

With each episode of “Human Nature,” Dominion TV’s new flagship drama series, viewers are taught a valuable lesson about life. The captivating series covers the lives of characters that show humanity’s resiliency and strength in their quest for happiness, success, and more. The engaging show always ends with a message of hope to promote godly life, with exciting plots, suspense, and adventure. It also serves as a stark reminder that God is omnipotent in all life’s pursuits.

The opening episode of the first season of Human Nature, which features several outstanding actors, depicts the life of Emmanuel and two other friends who have battled alcoholism for many years. Emmanuel’s journey toward sobriety began when his coworker invited him to church service.

The series is worthwhile to watch as it offers clear explanations of how to live a Christian lifestyle while also being acted by wonderful Ghanaian actors who delight us with not only straightforward but hilarious content that either directly or indirectly encourages viewers to follow the Christian path. Additionally, it gives a contemporary, high-definition vision that is visually appealing, making for convenient and pleasant watching.

Dominion TV, based in Ghana and one of the most popular family channels in Africa, offers a modern expression of Christianity through energizing, exquisite, and healthy family programming. This programming includes movies, music, and entertainment as well as news about the world and business, personal development, lifestyle, and children’s shows. Furthermore, it offers inspiration for the soul from notable religious people like Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

Watch “Human Nature,” which made its debut on the 6th of November 2022 on Dominion TV, DSTV channel 352, and GOTV channel 168.


“Kingdom Street Karaoke” Hits the Streets of Osu

Dominion TV’s “Kingdom Street Karaoke” show elevates musical performance by taking it out of the studio and onto the streets. In the opening episode of the first season, the show’s host, the versatile Emmanuel Afful, better known as Pakz Icon, takes to the streets of Osu for an outdoor Karaoke session with well-known Christian tunes, which leads to some hilarious moments.

Dominion TV offers a modern expression of Christianity through energizing, exquisite, and healthy family shows. This programming includes movies, music, entertainment, news about the world and business, personal development, lifestyle, and children’s programs. Additionally, it offers inspiration for the soul from notable Christians like Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams. Dominion TV provides a modern, high-definition visually pleasing image, offering convenient and relaxing viewing.

The new crop of shows is worth watching seeing as they offer clear information about leading a Christian lifestyle and are hosted by wonderful people who delight us with not only straightforward but hilarious content that either directly or indirectly encourages viewers to walk the Christian path.

Watch “Kingdom Street Karaoke” which made its debut on the 16th of October 2022 on Dominion TV, DSTV channel 352, GOTV channel 168, and YouTube @Dominion TV.


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