IMPACT, the annual convention held at the Action Chapel International, Prayer Cathedral premises, which began this year’s encounter on the 27th of November, has seen thousands of people trooping in from all over the world in excitement and with various expectations. Indeed, God has, in the past few days of the convention used His servants to fulfill the expectations of His people in many ways.

So far, so good. Curses have been lifted, the sick have been restored, and prophecies have been given. Many people have benefited from the ministry and influence of Apostle Francina Norman, Pastor Jerry Eze, and Prophet A. Agyeman Prempeh, and even more, are waiting on God to use and bless them.

Here are some of the attendees’ expectations from the convention.


Photo of Edward Gidi on day 3 of IMPACT 2022.

This is Edward Gidi, and for IMPACT 2022, he hopes to encounter God’s presence and experience a breakthrough in all facets of his life. Edward expressed his specific excitement at being a part of this wonderful experience.


Photo of Eunice at IMPACT 2022.

Eunice, who strives to follow the way of Christ every day, is also hoping for a great miracle from God. She emphasized that she needed a miracle that will not only happen but will in itself also preach about God’s favor and love.


Photo of Pastor Albert Jenkins on day 3 of IMPACT 2022.

Pastor Albert Jenkins hopes that by the end of IMPACT 2022, he will not be the same. He added that he not only knows but has seen and heard of the wonders of God, and trusts that God is yet to perform many wonderful things in this year’s encounter.



Photo of Christmas at IMPACT 2022.

Christmas anticipates a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit, together with other participants in the convention. He believes that those who hope and pray can receive more and better things from God.


Photo of Chelsea, Abena, and Abigail on day 3 of IMPACT 2022.

The experience did not exclude friends. The hopes of Chelsea, Abena, and Abigail are the favor of God, to get to know Him more, to be blessed, and to have a great time even while He utilizes them in various ways.


Photo of Deladem Banini at IMPACT 2022.

First-time IMPACT participant, Deladem Banini, expects God to move mountains in her life and for her to enjoy spending time in His presence. She concluded by saying that she was leaving God the blank sheet. 

Are you believing God for a miracle in your life? Join IMPACT 2022 and expect God to do for you just as He is doing for others. Leave any messages you may have in the comments below.

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