We do not have to wait for days like mother’s day, women’s day or valentine’s day to celebrate the women who mean a lot to us. Every woman is special and deserves to be celebrated. Below are 10 reasons why we must celebrate women.

1-They are our mothers:

According to the Bible, all humans aside Adam was born by a woman. This an amazing fact to think of because it means that without women, you would not have been alive to read this article. The fact that women by nature are portals to this world really shows that they’re extremely valuable to humanity. If there were no women, humanity would have been extinct.

2- They are nurturing:

Women are nurturing people. They care deeply about others and are full of love and care. Most women are naturally compassionate and are catalysts to the growth of people who are around them. Women usually love to build people who are around them. Our mothers have shown us all the care and love needed to be good people in society.

3-Christ was born by a woman:

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior did not appear on this earth without going through the normal process every man goes through. Even Jesus who was God in the flesh needed to be born by a woman. Women are special because God decided to be born by one.

4-Women are Leaders:

Think about Esther, Deborah, Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher, Yaa Asantewaa, what do they have in common? These were women who were known for their leadership qualities. Our women can be leaders because they have great traits of leadership.

5-Women are strong: 

Throughout history, there have been instances of women being abused and being denied the right to partake in certain activities. Currently, discrimination against women is still visible in our systems but we have seen some progress in fighting against it. Women activists have done so well to in their contribution to the fight. We still have a long way to go but the progress we have now is due to women for fought hard for their fellow women.

6-Women are the Champions in Multitasking:

The ability of women to multitask makes them the undisputed champions in it. It is very amazing when you observe a woman carrying out their daily activities. Women are able to do so many things at once and still have a balanced life. They’re mothers, teachers, bosses, Pastors, Chefs, motivators all at the same time. Women possess an unparalleled ability to stay focused on so many things at a time

7-Women Love Dearly:

When a woman loves you, you will know it. She will go to the ends of the earth and complete the twelve labors of Hercules if that’s what it takes to make you happy. Women love selflessly and always seek to ensure that the object of their love is happy.

8-Women are Great Teachers:

We all learnt something from women as kids. Some were teachers in our schools, some taught us about God in Sunday class, some were our mothers who taught us hygiene, how to cook, how to wash etc. Women deserve to be celebrated for being the teachers of the world.

9-Women are a healing voice:

Women have an innate comforting ability. They are able to use their words and deeds to console hurting people. Women are natural healers to society. They can always relate to how people feel and heal their emotions.

10They Are God’s Image:

We need to celebrate them just because of who they are and the one that created them. God loves women dearly and we ought to follow suit. One way to show love to people is to celebrate them. With this in mind, let us celebrate women.

In conclusion, celebrating women should be a habit we must cultivate. There is no doubt about the fact that women are special so celebrate your mum, wife, sister, girlfriend, friend, and all women today!

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