The highly anticipated media launch of A Taste of Sin took place on the 17th of March at the DE-ICON events center, in Accra Ghana, and it was nothing short of spectacular.

The movie’s star-studded cast attended the launch, including Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, James Gardiner, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, special dignitaries, select media houses, and other high-profile individuals, all eager to see what the new movie had to offer.

“A Taste of Sin”, produced by Dominion TV in collaboration with Sami’s Media,  is an enthralling story that explores the power of faith, forgiveness and hope through the lives of two pastors intertwine- one tempted by a shortcut to success, and the other facing unimaginable trials in his marriage. As they navigate these challenges, they grapple with fidelity, temptation, and their own beliefs. The attendees were treated to the first-ever viewing of the movie’s trailer which left the room excited in anticipation for the official release this Easter holidays. 







Why the storyline?

When asked why this particular storyline, the director, Frank Rajah explained that this was a concept he had planned on teaching the Christian community for a while. 

“Even strong Christians face temptations every day. Sometimes we are too ashamed to stand back on our feet. Instead, we run away from those who believed in us. It is a topic I planned on teaching” – Frank Rajah – Director of A Taste of Sin.

Aside from beautifully capturing his Eminence Archbishop Duncan-Williams’s debut cameo appearance, another thing that makes this blockbuster Christian movie more appealing

is the fact that it was produced by Semira Yakubu, making it her first-ever Christian film production. Her inspiration?

“Most of the cast members who moved me since I was a child were Christians”. For this reason, she, together with the team, picked out the finest actors in the Ghanaian list and put together an award-winning cast. “We wanted nothing but the best to tell a Christian story” Semira added. Nothing was able to stop the crew from creatively executing an enthralling story that gives hope to the fallen members of the Christian society, opening a door of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Expect more Christian movies and content from Dominion TV

Speaking at the event was also Dominion TV’s General Manager Nosisa Doe who affirmed that the Christian Lifestyle station was open to receiving Christian movie scripts from outsiders and helping them produce the same. Rosa Whitaker, president of Dominion TV who describes the movie as a  life-changing cinematic wonder that will keep you on the edge of your seat while building your faith from 


the inside out added that the station “will not glorify the enemy”, emphasizing its commitment to executing inspiring and empowering Christian content and nothing else. “We will be bringing a broad range of children content as part of our inspiring and empowering shows”  she added

A Win for the Ghanaian Film Industry

The cast members and all in attendance were excited about the premiere, encouraging viewers online and in person to consume the content and help grow the Ghanaian film industry. 

“We have to get people to do so much to make these films possible. Support and go to the premieres, buy tickets. We get funding for your support and it makes room for more quality productions” – James Gardiner, who plays a major role in the movie commented during the live question and answer session from the audience. 

“We are giving good Ghanaian content. All we 日本藤素
need is for you to support” added Roselyn Ngissah who plays Jackie Appiah’s best friend in the movie. 

The launch event was a great success, leaving attendees impressed and excited about the movie’s official release. The buzz around the movie is already palpable, and it is sure to be a must-see for Christian movie enthusiasts and movie-goers alike.

The event was concluded by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams who offered a prayer of blessing and reiterated the need for more similar movies in order to preach the word of God unto all the world and demonstrate the consequences of sin. 

Watch the Premiere of “A Taste of Sin”  this Easter!

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