Having to start over can be a negative or positive event depending on your position. We doubt that anybody leading in a marathon will be excited to start all over again when he is only a few meters away from the finish line. Presidential candidates who win the first count of an election are usually not enthused when there is a legitimate cause for a recount. The initial winner of an election never likes a run-off because he has more to lose than any candidate he would be going up against.

However, starting over is great when you missed out on an opportunity that could have propelled you to the next stage of life. Every student that felt like he didn’t perform well in a particular examination is elated when there’s news out that the paper is canceled due to some discrepancies in the examination. Therefore, whether you want to start over or not usually depends on what you would lose or gain when you do. So what’s your position?

What Is Your Position?

There are many facets of life. There are some where we are doing so well and others, not quite. Some people are succeeding their careers but their families are in turmoil others have great relationships but aren’t where they want to be in their academic lives. No matter which aspect of your life you want to get a start in, believe that you can, stay dedicated and you will correct your mistakes.

How Do We Start Over?

1 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here.”

The best way to start over is to ensure that your spiritual health is on a high. We need to be at the right place spiritually because everything physical is controlled by spiritual occurrences. Jesus Christ died so that we can have a fresh start. When you accept Christ as your LORD and Savior, you will be a new creature. This means that God will not hold your past wrongs against you. He looks at you as though you began your life the moment you accepted Him. Isn’t this wonderful? None of our mistakes prior to accepting Him as the leader of our lives matter.

Never Forget Why You Started Over!

When you get a fresh start, one thing that would keep you going is your “WHY”. Reasons, motives, and memories are extremely important if you want to make progress in anything. The memories of your mistakes are meant to push you to give more – to attain your goals. Never forget the reason why you’re starting over keeps you on your toes. It makes you keep your eyes on the price. Memories are powerful tools and being forgetful is not virtuous.

Start With God

Anytime you want to have a fresh start, remember that God is omnipotent and Omniscient. He has the power to make your start worthwhile. God knows how your fresh start is going to end so why not place it in His hands. Make sure that before you embark on your fresh start, you make God the leader. You have to involve God in the planning of your life because He can help you overcome the hurdles that stopped you. Starting over without God can make you end up like you did the previous time you tried. Starting over with God will be your best decision.

In Conclusion, starting over is great but only great if God is with you!!