“Take the time today to love yourself. You deserve it.” – Avina Celeste (Writer)

In our culture right now, the phrase “self-care” is without a doubt a hot topic. True, Biblical rest constitutes self-care for a Christian. To re-energize our spirits, there are ways we can go further than many other things in our self-care practices.

We are constrained by the limitations of our human bodies, therefore, if we want to thrive, flourish, and serve others well, we must cultivate the habit of taking care of ourselves in the ways the Bible advises, or God wants. Physical, and psychological well-being are all included in Christian and spiritual self-care. God gave us everything, thus we need to decide to be good stewards of what we have been given. The following five methods of self-care are only a few of the many options.

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  • Visit social media less frequently

One of the 5 ways of practicing Christian self-care among the lot is by disconnecting ourselves from social media is a fantastic approach to engaging in a deeper type of self-care. Constantly being involved in others’ lives can be quite draining and hurt how we feel about ourselves. Before we start comparing every element of our lives to someone we hardly know, we might not even be aware of how it is affecting us. We do not need to check in with hundreds of other people to see what they are doing if we want to take some time to check in with ourselves and practice self-care.

  • Focus on getting good sleep

Our overall health depends heavily on getting quality, rejuvenating sleep. By eliminating any distractions, such as our phones, we may accomplish it. This makes it easier for us to have a good sleep without feeling guilty about work that we have not done, and to spend the first few moments of our waking in prayer and thanksgiving to God. Additionally, having good sleep is a form of self-care and helps nourish our bodies.

  • Seek Godly guidance

Speaking openly about our emotions and letting them out instead of attempting to keep them hidden is another effective kind of self-care. To do this, it would be wise to seek Godly guidance from a therapist, pastor, or mentor. It is a good idea to look for someone who is walking with the Lord whether we need advice on something or just want to process things with someone. This expert can direct us to the Bible, intercede for us, and give us advice based on our shared ideals.

  • Practice self-love

Since we as individuals can only offer what we have, we cannot truly love our neighbors as ourselves if we do not first love ourselves. It is our responsibility to constantly remember that we are the lovely and cherished children of God.

  • If necessary, withdraw

For us, this is true since it is okay to need some alone time. We occasionally need to withdraw amidst the responsibilities of life—the children to nurture, the reports to finish, the cheques to earn, the numerous engagements to keep, the dinners to prepare, and the people with whom to commiserate or celebrate. This may be a weekend alone away. This enables us to reset and recharge so that we can start afresh.

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” – Luke 5:16 NIV

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