Dominion TV graces the Ghanaian Christian market with an interesting twist in comedy and entertainment; a combo set to introduce an exciting perspective of Christian living in Ghana and beyond.

Christians make up 31.6% of the Ghanaian population and remain the largest religious group in the country. Dominion TV, one of Ghana’s leading Christian stations has successfully tapped into this population, both locally and globally, with the aim of cultivating inspired and empowered Christian living. It, therefore, caters to a large group of individuals, reminding them of their potential to change the economic and social course of Africa.


Dominion TV is the premiere Christian lifestyle network broadcasting on YouTube to the diaspora and directly to 642 million Africans in 47 African countries via satellite on DSTV and Gotv. The station enlightens Africans to live a modern Christian life to enhance their lived experiences and secure their spiritual well-being.

Based in Ghana and among the most popular family channels in Africa, Dominion TV offers a modern expression of Christianity through empowering, trendy, and wholesome family programming; from movies, music, and entertainment to world and business news, personal development, lifestyle, and children’s shows, as well as spiritual upliftment from Christian voices such as Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams. With a visually pleasing, high-definition, and modern outlook, Dominion TV makes for pleasant and trendy viewing.

Dominion TV has worked tirelessly over the years to provide inspiring and empowering content, and this has had a beneficial impact on its many viewers in the 47 African countries. The station continues to develop into an empowering content platform that the world of the young and young-at-heart continually need to inform their daily living.

As the gateway to the African Christian market and a dependable media business partner, Dominion TV reinforces its relevance by consistently evolving its programming to suit the market’s needs. Its success is becoming increasingly evident after being named one of the top-viewed Christian channels on DSTV in the year 2022. The station is, therefore, proud to introduce a diverse new range of shows featuring gripping drama, audience participation, health and wellness, human interest, lifestyle, and music.





The beautiful, award-winning TV maven, actress, and model, Sika Osei delves into this entertaining take on compelling everyday issues with Dominion TV’s new lifestyle discussion program, “Let’s Talk About It”. The show features empowering, life-altering yet humorous topics expounded by guests who share practical advice as they have fun engaging with Sika in the beautiful studio. For those young and the young at heart, this show is one to schedule for regular viewing.


Dominion TV’s new flagship drama series, “Human Nature,” presents an episodic take on riveting melodrama, leaving viewers with a poignant life lesson each time. The enthralling series follows the lives of characters who, in their pursuit of happiness, success, and more, display humanity’s resilience and strength. With intriguing plots, suspense, and adventure, the gripping show always concludes with a message of hope to encourage godly living. It is a realistic reminder that God is omnipotent in all of life’s endeavors.


As the show title goes, Dominion TV’s “Just Ask” is a must-watch for nonjudgmental Christian answers to life’s pertinent questions. Seasoned TV presenter Korku Lumor sits with renowned subject matter, spiritual, counseling, and life coaches to respond to a plethora of questions pre-submitted by viewers. The show’s down-to-earth format makes for easy viewing and is ideal for getting real insights.


The ever-engaging Chiderah David hosts the interactive Dominion TV show “Do You Know Your Bible,” where he hits the streets vox-pop style to test the Bible knowledge of the Christian public. In between laughs and gasps at the goofs and misstatements of the respondents, viewers learn more about the Word of God.


Leaving the studio for the streets, Dominion TV’s “Kingdom Street Karaoke” show takes music performance to another level. The show’s host, the versatile Emmanuel Afful, popularly known as Pakz Icon, hails random people to join him for an open-air Karaoke session featuring well-known Christian songs resulting in hilarious moments.


Dominion TV gets viewers on their feet, literally, in this new show, “Afrofit”, that brings the gym to the screen. Hosted by fun fitness instructors, the show promises to make working out at home an enjoyable experience. Through bite-sized choreographies and fitness routines, viewers will receive guidance for maintaining a healthy body.

The new crop of shows is worth viewing as they provide accessible material about the Christian way of life and are hosted by wonderful people who delight us with not just straightforward but hilarious material that either directly or indirectly encourages viewers to follow the Christian path.

Dominion TV audiences can watch the new shows on DStv Channel 352, Gotv Channel 168, and Dominion Television on YouTube. Viewers can participate by following @Dominion TV on all social media platforms and leaving requests and questions in the “You Asked” segment.

Dominion TV is Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network for Inspired and Empowered Living.

Visit its website for an inspired and empowered life.