Dominion TV’s “Just Ask,” which debuted its first season’s opening episode on October 23, 2022, is a must-watch for nonjudgmental Christian responses to life’s pressing problems. Seasoned TV host Korku Lumor hosts a panel discussion with eminent life, spiritual, and subject matter coaches to address a wide range of pre-submitted concerns from viewers. The show’s approachable style makes it simple to watch and is great for gaining practical ideas.

Dominion TV, based in Ghana and one of the most popular family channels in Africa, provides a modern expression of Christianity through energizing, exquisite, and healthy family programming. This programming includes movies, music, and entertainment as well as news about the world and business, personal development, lifestyle, and children’s programs. It continuously adapts its content to meet the needs of the market to maintain its relevance as the entry point to the African Christian market and a trustworthy media business partner. After being designated one of the most popular Christian channels on DSTV in 2022, its success is becoming more and more obvious. Dominion TV offers a visually appealing, high-definition, and contemporary vision, making for comfortable and trendy viewing.

In light of the fact that “Just Ask” and other new shows present information about leading a Christian lifestyle that is easy to understand and are hosted by wonderful people who delight us with not only straightforward but hilarious content that either directly or indirectly inspires viewers to follow the Christian path, it is worthwhile to watch these new shows.

Watch “Just Ask,” which made its debut on the 23rd of October 2022 on Dominion TV, DSTV channel 352, GOTV channel 168, and YouTube @Dominion TV.