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Why Do Christians Celebrate Christmas?

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.” – Winston Churchill (Former British Prime Minister)

Christmas is a time when Christians all around the world commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. Christmas has been celebrated in a variety of ways throughout history and is observed differently depending on the culture. The historical fact that Jesus was born serves as the unifying element. Luke 2:10-11 NIV, “But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”

Regardless of the preconceived notions that some people may have about Christmas, the majority of Christians around the world still celebrate Christmas. For the majority of Christians, Christmas is a time to worship Jesus Christ. The primary focus should be on the celebration of Christ as this is what the name “Christmas” genuinely signifies.

Reasons Christians Celebrate Christmas

Photo source: Any Lane

  • Christmas is celebrated by Christians as a reminder of God’s self-sacrificing generosity. This time of the year is dedicated to remembering the greatest gift that God has ever given to mankind: His only Son, Jesus Christ. This captures the true spirit of Christmas. Giving is always considered when there is an abundance, yet even though God only had one Son, He gave Him up for everyone. He offered Him as a sacrifice for mankind. He released Him from his grasp. In light of this, it is advisable for Christians to dedicate their life to selfless giving and to make an effort to improve the lives of others.

Photo source: Laura James

  • Christians celebrate Christmas since it marks the start of the resolution to man’s biggest issue: sin. The issue of sin is finally resolved with the birth of Jesus. Matthew 1:21 NIV says, “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” Sin caused a rift between man and God. Separation resulted. All men lost the close relationship they once shared with God, but thanks to the birth of Jesus, a remedy was provided. Men might therefore return to their previous relationship with God. All men are redeemed and made right with God through Christ.


  • Christmas serves as a reminder of God’s unfailing love, which is why Christians celebrate it. John 3:16 NIV says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Nothing about man made him deserving of love. Even though man had rebelled against God, spat in His face, and denied Him, God sent His Son to die. Contrary to the world’s perspective of love, which is selfish and conditional, Christmas is a season that reminds and displays the actual concept of love.

It is advised not to lose sight of the essence when in the excitement of the celebration. The center of attention is Jesus Christ.

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IMPACT 2022 Comes to a Close

From the start of the year’s IMPACT to the finish, there were several occasions for healing, sharing testimony, and having a great time in God’s presence.

All who arrived with high hopes were blessed by the lineup of woman and men of God who took turns ministering to the thousands of attendees at the event. It is safe to conclude that these anointed ministers of God were carefully chosen by the Apostle of strategic prayer, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

As on the other days of IMPACT 2022, there were numerous instrumental performances on the last day. A song ministration by the spirit-filled Voices of Triumph (VoT), psalmist Jonathan Rubain and Shadare Agboola, and a dance performance by Youth in Action were among these acts.

From left: Mrs. Rosa Whitaker Duncan-Williams, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

From the many lovely performances was a stunning musical performance by Lady Elsie Duncan-Williams Otoo, which began with a skit about her labor experience. She described how God came through for her and her child in a life-threatening scenario even though she had lost all of her strength and appeared to be lost and weary.

Along with other numerous anointed men of God, Rev. Eastwood Anaba, Prophet A. Agyeman Prempeh, and Rev. Dr. Robert Ampiah-Kwofi were present to help bridge the gap in spirituality through impartation, where the men of God placed their hands on each and every of the convention’s attendee on the final day.

Bishop Ebenezer Obodai delivered the closing remarks on behalf of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, bringing IMPACT 2022 to a formal close.

Were you a participant in this year’s IMPACT? God bless you and looking forward to seeing you next year for another great impact. If you did not partake, follow us on all our socials to keep you posted on IMPACT 2023. Leave any messages you may have in the comments below.

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IMPACT 2022 | What the Masses Are Expecting

IMPACT, the annual convention held at the Action Chapel International, Prayer Cathedral premises, which began this year’s encounter on the 27th of November, has seen thousands of people trooping in from all over the world in excitement and with various expectations. Indeed, God has, in the past few days of the convention used His servants to fulfill the expectations of His people in many ways.

So far, so good. Curses have been lifted, the sick have been restored, and prophecies have been given. Many people have benefited from the ministry and influence of Apostle Francina Norman, Pastor Jerry Eze, and Prophet A. Agyeman Prempeh, and even more, are waiting on God to use and bless them.

Here are some of the attendees’ expectations from the convention.


Photo of Edward Gidi on day 3 of IMPACT 2022.

This is Edward Gidi, and for IMPACT 2022, he hopes to encounter God’s presence and experience a breakthrough in all facets of his life. Edward expressed his specific excitement at being a part of this wonderful experience.


Photo of Eunice at IMPACT 2022.

Eunice, who strives to follow the way of Christ every day, is also hoping for a great miracle from God. She emphasized that she needed a miracle that will not only happen but will in itself also preach about God’s favor and love.


Photo of Pastor Albert Jenkins on day 3 of IMPACT 2022.

Pastor Albert Jenkins hopes that by the end of IMPACT 2022, he will not be the same. He added that he not only knows but has seen and heard of the wonders of God, and trusts that God is yet to perform many wonderful things in this year’s encounter.



Photo of Christmas at IMPACT 2022.

Christmas anticipates a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit, together with other participants in the convention. He believes that those who hope and pray can receive more and better things from God.


Photo of Chelsea, Abena, and Abigail on day 3 of IMPACT 2022.

The experience did not exclude friends. The hopes of Chelsea, Abena, and Abigail are the favor of God, to get to know Him more, to be blessed, and to have a great time even while He utilizes them in various ways.


Photo of Deladem Banini at IMPACT 2022.

First-time IMPACT participant, Deladem Banini, expects God to move mountains in her life and for her to enjoy spending time in His presence. She concluded by saying that she was leaving God the blank sheet. 

Are you believing God for a miracle in your life? Join IMPACT 2022 and expect God to do for you just as He is doing for others. Leave any messages you may have in the comments below.

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Over the years, God has used His servant, the Apostle of strategic prayer, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams to bless Ghanaians and several nations through conventions like IMPACT. Just like in years past, IMPACT promises to be bigger and even better this year. Resulting from the fact that God mightily uses His servants from different parts of the world to bless His people, the convention is the most anticipated of its kind. This year it runs from November 27 until December 4, with ‘Bridging The Gap’ as its theme.

A photo of the youth in worship at IMPACT 2022.

The first day of the annual convention saw the opening of IMPACT 2022 by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, which started with the 100 Days Global Prayer led by Prophet Prince Elisha, followed by a powerful song ministration by the Voices of Triumph (VOT) choir and MC Korku Lumor’s introduction of prominent figures in the likes of the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, H.E Dr. Jewel Cianeh Howard Taylor, team members of Apostle Francina Norman, and team members of Bishop Gregory Toussaint, among other equally prominent leaders.

While the audience waited for Apostle Francina Norman to take the stage for the evening’s session, a series of song ministrations took place, featuring musical and choral performances.


“What you have lost is nothing compared to what is about to happen to you right now” – Apostle Francina Norman

IMPACT 2022, day 1 ended with a closing prayer led by Bishop Kibby Otoo.

Are you anticipating God’s manifestation in this year’s IMPACT? Follow Dominion TV on all of our social media platforms to stay updated and watch the live broadcast or tune in to Dominion TV on DStv channel 352 and GOtv channel 168.

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‘And If Your Right Hand Causes You to Stumble…’

If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.” – Matthew 5:29-30 NIV

The Bible teaches that sin is a very serious matter to God. After Adam and Eve sinned, they were expelled from the Garden of Eden and a divide was created between them and God. They were conversing with God one moment, and the next they were darting away in terror.

God made a significant sacrifice to make up for mankind’s sins and mend the broken relationship. As an atonement, God offered His own son’s death on the cross. It is, however, expected of humans to treat sin with the same severity as God did.

In Matthew 5:29–30, Jesus conveyed the lesson that people should make every effort to abstain from sin. What did He mean when He told people to have their hands cut off and eyes gouged out? Here are three interpretations of what this passage means.


Photo source: Patricia McCarty

  • Do Not Make Room for Sin

The call of humanity is to actively avoid sin. Although God wants to close the gaps that lead to man’s stumbles, misunderstanding and carelessness frequently provide abundant room for sin. This suggests a conscious effort to pursue holiness every day.

Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.” – Romans 13:14 NIV

Being clothed with the Lord Jesus Christ entails dwelling in Him, imitating Him, relying on His grace, and having a renewal of the mind.

  • Exercise Fear and Trembling in Salvation

Mankind is justified by faith alone—not by works—and salvation is a gift. That does not, however, absolve us of the need to continue following Jesus.

“Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” – Philippians 2:12

In light of the scripture above, it is clear that even after finding redemption, man cannot simply relax. Man is required to continue to view God with respect and humility. A proven method to avoid the things that lead to sin is to work out salvation in a spirit of dread and trembling.

  • Despise Worldly Pleasures

Letting go of material desires is essential in the effort to live a holy life. It is urged that Christians hate everything that interferes with leading a righteous life. When Jesus asks to cut off the hand that causes sin and gouge out the eye that causes sin, He is urging His followers to adopt the mentality of condemning worldly desires.

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“Kingdom Street Karaoke” Hits the Streets of Osu

Dominion TV’s “Kingdom Street Karaoke” show elevates musical performance by taking it out of the studio and onto the streets. In the opening episode of the first season, the show’s host, the versatile Emmanuel Afful, better known as Pakz Icon, takes to the streets of Osu for an outdoor Karaoke session with well-known Christian tunes, which leads to some hilarious moments.

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The new crop of shows is worth watching seeing as they offer clear information about leading a Christian lifestyle and are hosted by wonderful people who delight us with not only straightforward but hilarious content that either directly or indirectly encourages viewers to walk the Christian path.

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“Do You Know Your Bible” Hits the Streets of Lapaz

With the first season’s opening episode filmed in Lapaz, the interactive Dominion TV program “Do You Know Your Bible” is hosted by the consistently engaging Chiderah David, who conducts vox-pop-style street tests to gauge viewers’ familiarity with the Bible. Viewers gain more knowledge about the Bible in between gasps and giggles at the replies’ errors and misstatements

Dominion TV, based in Ghana and one of the most well-liked family channels in Africa, offers a contemporary expression of Christianity through empowering, exquisite, and healthy family programming, including movies, music, and entertainment as well as news about the world and business, personal development, lifestyle, and children’s shows. It also features spiritual uplift from Christian figures like Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams. Dominion TV offers a visually appealing, high-definition, and contemporary vision, making for convenient and comfortable viewing.

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Backstage Show Profile

Are you looking for a show where you can voice your ideas, ask any questions you may have about current events, and also have your favorite celebrities participate? The show for you is “Backstage.” It is a Dominion TV YouTube production that prioritizes the needs of its audience. A new episode of the series airs every week and is in four segments.

Segment 1 – Going Deeper

This segment takes a contentious topic on our socials and turns it into a conversation starter by connecting it to the Christian lifestyle and everything that goes with it.

Segment 2 – You Asked

During this segment, the show’s hosts will respond to any questions from the audience that are related to the month’s chosen theme, leaving no one behind.

Segment 3 – Your Voice

This is an entertaining segment since it features young people from churches, high schools, and universities, among other locations, and hears their opinions on specific issues connected to the theme of the month.

Segment 4 – Dominion TV Fun Edition

This segment is lighthearted and intended to amuse you, the audience, just like the “Your Voice” segment. It features celebrities who will first be put through a round of games.

Subscribe to Dominion TV on YouTube @Dominion Television and turn on the notification bell as it introduces you to “Backstage,” its newest YouTube series. You do not want to miss this entertaining series.

Use the link below to watch the first episode of Backstage.


Saved by Grace | A Remarkable Journey with Tuberculosis

“The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.” – Mother Teresa

Every young man’s dream is to grow up free of any illness that threatens his life and to realize all of his dreams. Life-threatening illnesses like tuberculosis and pneumonia should not be taken lightly since those who survive them are not only grateful to God but have also learned to appreciate life and the simple things.

The primary organs affected by the potentially dangerous infectious disease tuberculosis (TB) are the lungs. People contract tuberculosis from one another by coughing and sneezing, which release microscopic droplets of bacteria-causing sputum into the air.

One such person who has seen the horrifying effects of tuberculosis, seen its ugly face, and is now free is Stephenson Ochemba. He describes the illness that, but for God’s intervention, would have killed him. His story is only one of many heartening stories that the young man uses to inspire everyone who has reached the brink of giving up to continue to hope despite all odds.

How It All Started

Stephen at the tuberculosis unit.

Stephenson Ochemba began experiencing headaches as he was preparing for ‘Greater Works’ in Accra on a specific day in July 2019. He experienced the signs of malaria, therefore he gave himself a prescription for anti-malarial medication. After a few days, the symptoms persisted and now included a cough.

Even though he was in discomfort and his temperature fluctuated, the then-22-year-old man managed to attend the “Greater Works” event on the first day. On the second day, however, he still found it difficult to make it there. He began to shiver severely on the second day, began to grit his teeth, and soon after, he passed out. First aid was provided under the direction of the event’s medical staff. He described how he only missed one day of the event, how, on the final day of the event, he awoke sweat-soaked in his bed, discovered his legs were unable to support his body, and how, upon attempting to stand, he collapsed to the ground.

When asked why he kept attending the event, he said he could not even understand it because he was so weak at the time. His sister rushed him to the first hospital after he attempted to rise but instead collapsed to the ground, where he was treated for a period even though the disease had not yet been identified. He stayed there for a week, and as the findings of many tests proved fruitless, his condition deteriorated.

Stephen’s Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

After being discharged and numerous failed attempts to get him to another hospital, he was finally admitted into a different hospital after prayers and tears were offered to the Lord. It was there he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and pneumonia. He received oxygen while he was swiftly driven to Korle-Bu in an ambulance. When they arrived at the hospital’s emergency ward, they were informed there were no beds available and were advised he should be sent home and returned every day for treatment. His sister, in tears, begged that her brother be treated on the ground. After the information had reached his family back in Nigeria, his father requested that Stephenson Ochemba be flown back to Nigeria. Shortly after his father’s call, he saw the doctor at “Greater Works” who provided first aid, and he happened to be working at the hospital. The medical practitioner quickly made arrangements for space for the young man after observing him in his condition.

“God was aware of everything I was going through because I noticed indications in various ways.” – Stephenson Ochemba

Stephen’s Emergency Ward Experience

He said, “At one point, I felt uneasy with the oxygen and removed it.”  A nurse came to their aid when his sister cried out for assistance. He then described his two-week stay in the emergency room before being transferred to the tuberculosis unit. People rushing around screaming and pleading for aid while clinging to life or death is what he saw regularly. According to Stephenson Ochemba, these encounters altered his perspective on life and taught him to value the simple things because they are all that we have.

After being transferred to the tuberculosis ward, his condition appeared to go from being just ok to worse practically right away, which caused him to experience an emotional rollercoaster where he occasionally wished he could just stop breathing and therefore feel no agony any longer. Most of the time, he offered this silent prayer at night when he was in excruciating discomfort from insomnia brought on by rib pain. Friends who visited him realized how thin he was getting day by day, and he could see from their eyes the suffering it caused them to see him in that state.


“If God Does Not Die, Why Would I…”

“Each time I felt like going to the restroom, I held myself back because of the discomfort that came with squatting as my legs could not support my body,” Stephenson Ochemba continued. When he tried to describe how his health began to improve, he broke down in tears and said, “If God does not die, why would I, the son of God, die when I have not yet fulfilled my whole purpose on earth?” He described the deaths of two other people who had been hospitalized, one to his left and the other to his right, in a trembling voice. He talked about how he witnessed them fighting for survival at night before giving up when their strength left them.

At this moment, his mother arrived in Ghana and provided all the parenting assistance she could. Her tears did not dry up, her prayers did not stop, and her faith only grew more and more. It was in no time he slowly regained his strength and was guided to walking once again. It took persistent prayer, affection from friends and family, and timely drug use to restore Stephenson Ochemba’s health.

Image of Stephen Ochemba a few months after he was discharged from Korle-Bu.

The young man’s final advice to all who are suffering from any sickness is to first and foremost trust God because what saved him was not only medication but also prayers from family and friends. He remarked there is so much hope if God’s plan for a person is not completed and advised them to have faith in God to provide for them that which He always does.

This is the remarkable story of a young man who experienced prolonged pain, held out hope in the face of despair, and ultimately experienced God’s grace and mercy.

Are you dealing with some sort of pain in your life? Trust in God to do for you what He did for Stephenson Ochemba, and leave any stories you want to share with us on our socials. Share this article with family and friends and visit our website for more content on inspired and empowered living.

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Hoping against Hope

We appear to be surrounded by issues more than ever today, and we are immediately inundated with misery, crises, and a wide range of moral sins even when we switch on the television. In addition to that, every one of us faces internal problems as well as social conflicts as a result of our efforts to live out our religion. In the face of all this, we could be inclined to quit, throw in the towel, or even give up.

Photo source: Yelena Odintsova

“Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, “So shall your offspring be.” – Romans 4:18

St. Paul writes about hoping against hope in his Letter to the Romans. This context is particularly intriguing since he is referring to Abraham, to whom God had previously made the Old Testament promise that he would be the father of a powerful people. The fact is that Abraham was 100 years, and Sara, his 90-year-old wife was infertile.  Humanly speaking, they could not have children, but Abraham trusted in God and hoped firmly that His promise would be fulfilled. Sara gave birth to a boy named Isaac a year later, as we all know, as the Lord kept His word.

Abraham, according to St. Paul, “hoped against hope,” that is, he held on to what God had told him even when it appeared to be hopeless to the human eye. Even when all the odds were against him, he did not give up. He was quite certain that God could accomplish everything He had promised. Abraham provides us with a remarkable hope that is admirable and imitable even under the most trying circumstances, according to St. Paul.

It takes more than merely turning a switch to hope against hope. It is a gift from our Lord that was slowly accumulated. That implies that we must pray about it and ask for it. It also denotes a fervent faith. After all, we can only pray that our Lord would keep His word to the extent that we have faith in His omnipotence and His desire to assist us. We must once more ask in prayer for this firm confidence that upholds a fervent hope.

The real challenge lies in putting this knowledge into practice and adapting it to our unique living circumstances in the same way that Abraham overcame his belief that he would never be able to have a son to become the “father of nations.”

The daily problems and the more significant, tangible challenges in our life are therefore calling us to hope against hope in the strength and grace of our Lord.

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